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30 Unmistakable Signs That You are Becoming a Fitness Freak

30 Signs that You are Becoming a Fitness Freak
When at the gym, there is never a dull moment as exercise is something that makes you happy. You refrain from junk food, and healthy eating is a part of your lifestyle. These are some signs that you are becoming a fitness freak.
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Last Updated: Jan 17, 2019
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"A fit, healthy body― that is the best fashion statement"
― Jess.C Scott
Young people exercising with dumbbells in a gym
It is easy to spot fitness freaks; their daily life revolves around what they like the most - workout and healthy food.
Start talking to them and they will start giving you nutritional advice. They will never get tired of talking about training strategies that may work for you. Their lifestyle is similar to that of people from the sports field. They are strict about their diet and exercise regimen and very particular about their fitness.
Here, we give you some signs of a fitness freak. If you find them in you, the chances are high that you are becoming one!
obsessed with muscular body
1) You are proud of your strong physique and want others to recognize it.
Running shoes on the floor
2) A good workout for you is one that leaves your body sore.

3) You have multiple pairs of shoes for different workouts.
4) No matter how late you are in office, you prefer to use the stairs instead of the elevator. You often talk to your sedentary office workers about the importance of taking the stairs and how it is a great cardiovascular exercise.

5) You often browse through fitness websites and like to find what more can be done to make your workout interesting.
Fitness Center
6) You are more interested in having protein shakes than cocktails.

7) You plan your busy schedule in such a way that you can spend the maximum time at your gym.
8) Carrying a heavy bag is a pleasure for you as you consider it as a good workout for your muscles.

9) Gym memberships, workout clothes, and subscriptions of health magazines are some gifts that top your favorites' list.
Advising others to have healthy food
10) You shun eating junk food and make the ones who have it, feel guilty.
11) While your family and friends like to read political magazines like 'The New Yorker' and 'The Week', you prefer fitness magazines such as 'Health', 'Muscle and Fitness', 'Shape', and 'Prevention'.
Personal trainer motivates client doing push-ups
12) Frequently changing the workout routine is your habit because you like to make your workout challenging. You are constantly looking for ways to make your workout more difficult.
Sports equipment against the wall
13) Adequate hydration is your top priority and you often talk about the special fueling required before and after workout.
Young Woman Exercising Near River
14) No matter what, you don't miss your exercise routine and you are ready to get up even at 5 am to sneak a workout into your super-busy schedule.
Frequently checking heart rate monitor
15) You check your heart rate monitor more often than your Facebook account.
16) When it comes to celebrity news and gossip, you are only interested in who lost or gained weight and how.

17) You follow a 6-meals-a-day plan and prefer food that is nutritious.
Box jumping
18) You possess more sports and workout clothes than regular ones.

19) You love the gym and your idea of a successful happy hour is a good workout that leaves you gasping for breath.
Spending more time with fitness trainer
20) Your fitness trainer quickly becomes your close friend and you spend more time with him than with your friends.
21) As you spend more time in the gym, you can easily recall names of the gym staff members.

22) Thanks to your frequent visits to the health club, you swipe your gym ID card more often than your credit card.

23) When thinking of buying a new house or looking for a new job, the first consideration in your mind is the distance of the gym from your work/home.
Challenging yourself with more training
24) You often get competitive in the gym whenever you notice someone running harder on the treadmill. You challenge yourself with more training.
Sport Shoes
25) You always travel with your running shoes and a jumping rope to squeeze in workout whenever possible.

26) You would like someone appreciating your well-toned physique rather than complimenting your outfit.
Gym woman with dumbbells
27) You prefer to exercise like crazy to sweat out the calories, rather than dieting.

28) Your Facebook page and News feed is full of training and dietary tips to improve fitness.
Working on her fine form
29) Your general rule for makeup: think waterproof and apply minimally so that it does not get messed up during your workout.
Running on the beach listening to workout songs
30) Your playlist consists of only workout songs. There is no place for dance music on the list.
On the whole, if you are a fitness freak, you will never favor the taste of a food over its health benefits. You will exercise regularly, and always be ready to train harder for a fit and healthy body.