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Burn Calories By Doing These Simple Exercises While Watching TV

Simple Exercises to Do While Watching TV
Do you avoid exercising saying you don't have time? Is it really justified? After all that you put your body through during the day, is it okay if you don't exercise? Well... not really! However, this article will help you out with simple exercises you can perform while watching TV or while you sit and relax. Easy right? Let's find out what these exercises are.
Divya Bichu
Last Updated: Mar 8, 2018
To keep up with the growing competition, one works so hard that he hardly finds time to pursue his hobbies or do what he really has to. The routine is so packed that you wake up in the morning, run through the shower, and reach the office somehow in time or sometimes even late. You also skip your meals (sometimes), just to make sure not to pile up your work. Then you get back home after office hours and spend time with family or relax watching a sitcom, and then go into deep slumber. This keeps repeating for days together. After a few months you realize you have put on some extra weight or developed a small paunch. Probably, this was a warning signal, that you needed to exercise to keep away from obesity and all those disorders related to it. But, you seemed to have taken it lightly and continued with the mundane lifestyle until you realized that it is too late and start hitting the gym; exercising vigorously to lose those extra pounds. Some, even resort to crash diets and what not, to melt those accumulated fats, which is in no way appreciated or encouraged. Now, let's rewind a little bit, how about doing simple exercises while watching the TV? You don't have to drive all the way to the gym and yet can keep your body in shape. Performing these few simple exercises during the commercial breaks while watching your favorite sitcom, can keep you from feeling like a couch potato. So, let's get started with some simple moves you can do in front of the television.
Woman exercising while watching television
Exercise #1
  • Lie on your back with your knees bent.
  • Place your hands across your chest.
  • Now, lift your shoulders and head up towards the ceiling and then lower them back down.
  • Try to perform at least 1 set of 12-15 repetitions. (They will time perfectly with the commercial breaks)
  • These sit-ups work your core muscles, making them stronger and flexible.
Exercise #2
  • Stand straight with your legs apart, (may be shoulder distance).
  • Raise your hands bringing them up to the shoulder level and parallel to the floor.
  • Bend your upper body towards left, holding your left ankle with your left hand and the right hand pointing towards the ceiling.
  • Make sure you bend from the waist, sideways and not towards the front.
  • Hold the posture until you feel the stretch in your hip area and release.
  • Repeat these side bends on the other side during the next commercial break.
Exercise #3
  • While you sit on your couch watching TV, just fold your hands and keep your legs a little apart.
  • Now, raise your butt a few inches away from the couch, hold it for a few seconds and sit back.
  • Start exercising when a commercial starts and try to maintain the posture till the ad ends. Then repeat for the next commercial, until your show resumes.
  • Make sure you perform these squats with your spine straight.
  • These modified squats work well for your spine, thigh, hips, hamstrings, and butt.
Exercise #4
  • Lie down on your belly in front of the TV, with your legs fully extended.
  • Rest your elbows and toes on the ground.
  • Take a deep breath and lift your entire body from the ground.
  • Make sure your head, legs and spine are in alignment.
  • Hold the position for a few seconds and release. Repeat the exercise during every commercial break.
Exercise #5
  • Lie on your left side on the couch or on the carpet below if the couch isn't firm enough.
  • Rest your head on the left hand and place the right hand on the floor, in front of your chest to balance your body.
  • Lift your right leg towards the ceiling and then back down.
  • Keep doing this until your show resumes.
  • During the next commercial switch the sides and repeat the exercise.
  • This exercise helps in achieving lean thighs and strengthens your lower back.
Sometimes, regular gym goers find it difficult to hit the gym someday due to some important work and start feeling guilty about not going to the gym. You can kill your guilt by performing these exercises when you are back home, enjoying your favorite television shows. Remember no matter how busy you are, there is always a way you can find to keep yourself fit and healthy.
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