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Speed Walking Vs. Jogging

Kundan Pandey Mar 2, 2019
Which is better, speed walking or jogging? Read on to understand the numerous facets of each.
Walking is, by far, one of the most traditional forms of exercises that has existed since the inception of mankind. In fact, it was an integral part of human life as it was a means of commuting to various places. Since then, it has been a good and natural way of exercising.

Power Walking Vs. Jogging

Modern researches have categorized walking to be a suitable exercise for all age groups with no requirements of specialized gym equipment.
In recent years, a more scientifically modified form called speed walking has gained immense popularity in the U.S. Furthermore, it is now a popular sport in various parts of the U.S., and though it resembles running, it is a bit different. Let's see how.
This type of walking involves walking like you are about to start jogging. Of course, this won't come in a day or two. You need to practice to reach this level. How do you walk when you are late for an appointment? Your that walk is a speed or a power walk.
It involves taking small but faster steps. Further, you have to close your palms into fists, bend your elbows and form a ninety degree angle with your arms. You have to walk while swinging them from your waist to your chest. Also, your arms need to be held close to your body.
Lastly, while walking do not look down at your feet. Keep your head straight, and look ahead. This would ensure your posture to be correct too.
Since speed or power walking, jogging, and running are closely interlinked and modified versions of walking, there is a certain air of confusion between speed walking and jogging specifically. Which one is effective and better?
Power walking works better for overweight people as it acts more on their joints, and can help to reduce fat muscles in areas around these joints. Since this is a relatively low intensity form of exercise compared to jogging or running, it can be tried by people of all ages.
If you follow this form of walking with the right footgear, and the right amount of practice daily, you are sure to burn all the excessive fat from your body at the same pace as that of jogging.
Now coming to jogging―it applies more pressure on the knees, and so it's not very effective for overweight people in the long run. Although the intensity of jogging is more than power walking, it still is not a choice for people who have put on lots of weight or have some medical conditions like back pain or other ailments.

Calories Burned

According to fitness experts, this type of walking is quite different from walking in general, and it is used mainly to develop an athlete's pace. Although you don't have to run, you have to ensure a certain speed. And once you develop a very good pace (approximately 4.5 kmph), it will help you to burn considerable amount of calories.
The number of calories burned while jogging is almost the same as that while speed walking. In fact, this form of walking uses less force from your body than jogging does, and it burns the same number of calories. Also, it doesn't affect the knees or other joints as much as jogging or running would. So in essence, it's more effective than jogging exercises.
So, which one should one choose between the two? The fact is to choose the one he/she is more comfortable with.
To summarize, power walking is an option for most of us, while more intense exercises like jogging and running may not be an option for everyone. Consulting a fitness trainer for getting proper tips on how to speed walk properly will help gain maximum benefit from it.