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Benefits of Spinning Class

Rujuta Borkar Oct 13, 2018
Spinning is turning out to be one of the most popular exercises to undertake because its benefits extend over several physical and psychological factors. Let us get into the details of the same.
The world has finally realized the importance of being fit. With this new discovery has come the need to constantly re-invent newer and better exercising routines.
The risk of getting stuck in the same-old-rut-of-an-exercise-program can be quite high, and therefore, constantly changing exercise routines to challenge our bodies becomes necessary.
If you are stuck in a situation where the same old exercise routine is driving you into a slump, getting you to lose interest in exercising and you (therefore) want to shift to a newer and better exercise form, experts suggest you get yourself registered for a spinning class because it accounts for some of the greatest all-body (and mind) benefits.

What is Spinning

Spinning is carried through with the help of a stationary bike. The bike has several settings on it which help in controlling and manipulating the tension, speed and resistance of the workout.
This is set in accordance with the person's stamina level as well as after undertaking other health factors. Along with this, the heart rate, calories burned and the time lapsed can be calculated as well.
Spinning can be undertaken for strength and endurance training as well as weight loss (among others). It requires the expert guidance of an instructor who calculates a person's level of fitness and formulates a special plan for him/her accordingly.
A spinning class is conducted with music playing in the background. This helps in a dual manner. One, it makes the class interesting, and two, the beats of the music help in maintaining the pace of the workout.
This exercise is one of the most intense workouts, that it can burn about 500-550 calories in about 45 minutes. The reason is because the muscles are worked to their extreme and the body has to work doubly hard to rebuild them. Along with that, it targets varied muscle groups at the same time and leads to an increase in the metabolic rate.

Its Benefits Are

Why exactly is a spinning class touted to be one of the best exercise forms to get underway? Here are some of the benefits that can be looked into.

Burns Those Calories

Doing a 45 minute workout on an exercise bike will burn as many as 500-550 calories! This exercise allows for the highest ratio of calories burned in 45 minutes in comparison to any other cardiovascular exercise. Once the initial period of slack muscles tightening and sore muscles healing is over, the pounds will begin to melt.

Increases Metabolism

This exercise targets several muscle groups at one time, due to which, several muscles are broken down. The body then works really hard to rebuild these muscles by expending a lot of energy and burning calories in the process. This effect lasts for a prolonged period (wherein the calories are burned faster) and this increases the metabolic rate of the body.

Lets You Decide the Pace

Have you experienced this? When working out in an aerobics class, if you happen to miss a beat, everything goes out of sync. Not only do you fall behind the class, but others can see you struggling until you pick up the pace.
All this affects your workout in more ways than one. But with a spinning class, you can never fall behind the others because you determine your own pace and work out accordingly.
Whether you follow a trainer or a video and you happen to slacken your cycling speed, it does not affect the class in any way. It thus leaves you free to decide and switch between paces, based purely on your comfort and needs. You can always make use of the resistance knob to lower or increase the speed and resistance.

Low Impact Workout

For those of you suffering from knee and joint pain or arthritis, this is the perfect workout for you. One of the benefits of a spinning class is that it does not put any pressure on the knees and joints and therefore allows you to not only work hard but prevents any stress that could be brought on by the pain.

Heavy Cardio Workout

The benefits extend to the fact that it makes for a great cardiovascular workout and therefore promotes good health. Basically, spinning is an anaerobic exercise. Which means that it takes energy from the reserves of the body to build muscular endurance over time.
It lowers the heart rate as well as helps in endurance building. It not only increases your heart rate and lung capacity, but also helps to promote and maintain controlled breathing - which in turn is responsible for getting rid of anxiety (if you experience any).

Shapes Those Legs

Not only does spinning help in losing overall weight, but it is also responsible for shaping ones legs in particular. Spinning uses large muscle groups in the legs and therefore, over time, you will notice your thighs, calves and hamstrings getting into perfect shape.

Promotes Mental Health

A spinning class benefits us by helping build mental health. It teaches us self discipline in putting our bodies through the workout. It helps in relaxing our minds by helping release the tensions through exercise. It also helps to develop a positive attitude, when learning to deal with good and bad days during endurance training.

Works the Abs

Maintaining the correct posture while spinning will help one to work on their ab muscles as well. This cannot be seen when we ride a bike. This is because, the position and posture that we maintain during spinning allows for an upper body rhythm, that helps maintain the leg rhythm. So it works on both - the central and side abdominal muscles.

Releases Happy Hormones

When you cross your breaking point, that is, the point at which you feel the workout, the body will release endorphins. These endorphins lead to an overall state of happiness and contentment. This will last you throughout the day and ultimately promote your productivity in anything that you do.

And More

Spinning class helps relieve boredom. If one has ever used the treadmill, one can vouch for the fact that it is not the most stimulating of exercises. Spinning is not like that. It demands your attention and makes you focus. At a spinning class, usually, all the cycles will be lined together - so you can train with others.
Having a partner to train with you will help to keep interest levels high, because each will encourage the other to work harder and push themselves when slacking. Also, some classes provide video sessions, thus keeping one completely engrossed in the same and leaving very little to be bored about.
The kind of benefits that a spinning class promises are very difficult to duplicate through many other exercise routines. 2-3 classes in a week, and you'll have a great body to boast about in hardly any time. Now you know what to do if you really want a good workout...go join a spinning class today!