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Calories Burned at Spinning Class

Pragya T Oct 8, 2018
Spinning classes are a great way to train yourself for races. Let us look at what these classes are, and the amount of calories burned in such classes.
Jonny G, a world famous cyclist was the first to introduce spinning programs as a quick and efficient way to train for races. In the year 1983, he with John Baudhuin opened the world's first spinning class in California, and later on developed an exercise program which certified other spinning instructors.
Calories burned in a spinning class are very high, apart from the fact that these classes also help you to train for races.

What is It?

For spinning specially designed stationary exercise bikes are used, which are also called spinning bikes. In the class high beat music keeps playing, and there is an instructor who will keep talking to you through visualizations of an outdoor cycling workout.
The cycling pace will keep changing in the class, sometimes it will be very fast and sometimes it will be pedaling slowly in a standing position. This helps to train the body and mind together for the circumstances that occur during races.

Calories Burned

If you are looking for solutions of burning calories fast, then join spinning class. Calories burned in an average 30 minute session of such a class are around 500! Yes, these high intensity cardiovascular exercises allow you to burn a huge amount of calories fast. This all is done with a group and is more fun and easier to achieve.

Pros and Cons

There are certain pros and cons of spinning workouts. It will allow you to train for a race during an off season. It is a good training session which allows you to increase your endurance. You can train for the race or workout to burn calories in a more controlled environment, hence the possibility of an injury is reduced.
Some of the cons of spinning classes are that they are not actually done outdoors on a moving bike but on a stationary bike. Sometimes the classes can become monotonous and boring. As the class is not a real race, you don't have to push yourself to the extreme.

How to Start Spinning?

It is very important that you join a spinning class where you will be working out under an experienced instructor. It is a very hard workout, so in the beginning you will struggle with the pace and stamina, but later on you will develop both.
Make sure you carry a water bottle to the class with you to keep yourself hydrated. Carry a small hand towel with you, as you will be sweating a lot during this class. Also, you will need to keep wiping the sweat from your brow as the salty sweat can sting your eyes.
Make sure you do a good warm up before the spinning starts to prevent any muscle injuries or soreness. Remember to perform stretching exercises after you are done with your workout to improve your flexibility. Stretching will also help you to relax.
Calories burned during spinning exercises, as mentioned, are very high, but to get into that high pace of bicycling you will need to keep going to your classes regularly. So remember, the first few classes of spinning will be tough, but once you develop the speed and stamina you will be able to burn those excess calories easily, and train well for races.