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The Guaranteed Steps & Plan to Your Dream Body

Kevin Devoto Sep 19, 2019
This story brings to you a few of the tips and great advices about how to lose a few extra pounds so that you can ultimately get the body you've always wanted!

The Road & Reward

When it comes to obtaining your dream body, no stone should be left unturned. While this will be a difficult road to travel on, the rewards will be completely worth as you relax on the beach with your new and improved body that you have put in the hours to develop.
In order to make this transition into a more defined physique, you will need to focus on five core components that can take you to the next level. They include the workout, the diet, maintenance, teamwork, and taking stock of your progress. Read on to find out more.

The Workout

While everybody is different, the principles of working out remain the same. These principles include mixing up aerobic with anaerobic exercises. The idea behind this is to shock your body into physical shape.
While doing something like deadlifts is great for the muscle-building portion of your training, you would not want to ignore the ever-important cardio that is important for toning your body into the lean machine that it can be.
Starting off too strong might make you feel like you will get results quickly. However, this can prove detrimental as your body will not have the time to adapt to these new changes in your training regimen.

The Diet

Consider this: our ancestors hunted and grew crops in order to sustain themselves. Today, we tend to find ourselves at fast-food restaurants eating fried foods and refined wheat, neither of which ancestors ate.
Furthermore, can we say that we are a different species from our ancestors? I don't think we can. Therefore, it is safe to say that we can reach our ideal bodies by going back to what our ancestors ate.
While it may be tempting to eschew all the food in your cabinet for a paleo-style diet, this can shock your body with negative results. Therefore, you'll want to gradually cut down on the sugars and bad carbs as you find yourself getting deeper and deeper into your new diet plan and closer towards your dream body.


As we stated earlier, shocking your body into heavy lifting and a ridiculous diet plan too early can cause detrimental results. It is then important to take a weekly approach to your diet and training schedules.
It would be inadvisable to try a Week 6 training approach when your body is only in Week 2. By not rushing, you can more easily achieve your physique goals.
One caveat on the training front: sometimes it is good to shock your body every now and then to get truly impressive results. Try mixing up extreme cardio tactics like fartleks and H.I.I.T. (high-intensity interval training) workouts into your weekly regimen.
These sprinting exercises will work wonders on your core and you will be impressed with the results you get after just one training session.

Creating a Team

They say Rome wasn't built in a day. While this is true, they should also say Rome wasn't built by just one person. It was an effort by an entire people completely focused on creating the most advanced society ever to take the planet.
I'm not saying you'll need an entire nation to reach your fitness goals, but it certainly doesn't hurt to go at it with a team of like-minded individuals. Having a trainer can push you in the right direction when you start finding yourself slacking off in your nutrition or workout.
If you find that having a personal trainer is too costly, try implementing your new regimen with a friend or two. We all have people in our lives that could benefit from a lifestyle change and motivating one another to reach goals is far easier than motivating oneself.
Obtaining your dream body in 8 weeks is no joke. It will take hard work and perseverance. And it isn't about the physical look of your body. The mental strides you make from having a cleaner diet and regimented workout schedule will flat-out improve your entire lifestyle.
Websites like le-vel thrive offer great insights and more details in how to stick with and see the results of the hard work you put in. In addition to the confidence you gain, you'll also gain motivation in your pursuits outside of fitness as well. Happy training.