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Tricep Exercises Without Weights

Tricep Exercises Without Weights

If you are looking for a change in your tricep workout, then you may want to try some interesting workouts without weights. One can do a number of tricep exercises without using either machine or free weights. Scroll down to know, which are these exercises.
Bhakti Satalkar
Not all of us are able to spare some time to visit the gym for regular exercises. At such times, we prefer not to do any exercise at all. However, if we knew how to do some bodyweight exercises, would it not motivate us to work out at home itself. There are some advantages of working out at home. You will not have to spend time commuting to the gym and back. Working out at home does not cost any money. Along with it you have the liberty of working out, whenever you have the time, which will ensure you do not skip your workout. Exercises without weights for other parts of the body are known to most of us, but exercises for the triceps without weights is something most of us are not aware about. In this write up, we will see some easy arm exercises, which you can easily practice in the confines of your homes.

Best Tricep Exercises Without Weights

Tricep is one of the most noticeable muscle. There is a misconception, that toning the triceps muscle is difficult, however, with the right exercises, it is indeed possible to tone the triceps.

When you are doing push-ups to work the tricep muscles, there is a small change you will have to do in the way you do them. Place your hands a little less than shoulder width distance. If you are new to work out, then place your knees on the floor, else balance your weight on your toes and your arms. Make sure your fingers are pointing forward. Keep your feet together or less than shoulder width distance between your feet and curl the toes under. Gradually lift your legs, belly and chest off the floor and straighten your arms. Hold for a couple of seconds and slowly lower your body, but ensure your body does not touch the floor. Repeat the exercise.

Tricep Dips
One of the best tricep exercises are the tricep dips. To do this exercise you will need a chair or a bench or something to sit on. Place your hands next to your buttocks. Slowly lift yourself from the chair, such that your buttocks are a couple of inches away from the chair. When you come into this position, your elbows will form a right angle. Slowly come back to the starting position, but do not sit on the chair. Repeat it for 10 - 12 times.

To do pull-ups you will need a bar. You can also use low hanging branch of a tree to do this exercise. Stand under the bar on which you are going to do the exercise. Jump and grasp hold of the bar. Using the tricep muscles, slowly pull yourself up, such that your chin is above the bar. Gradually lower yourself, but do not touch the feet to the floor. Repeat this exercises for 10-15 times initially, later you can increase the count.

Tricep Resistance Exercise
Sit on a chair, such that your elbow is placed on the inside of your leg. Hold the wrist of the right hand with the left hand. You will now resist the right hand from coming closer to your chest using your left hand. With this the biceps of the right hand will be worked and the triceps of the left hand will be worked.

You can easily incorporate these tricep exercises in your workout. Before you do these exercises make sure you do the warm-up properly. If you notice pain while doing the exercise, stop doing it immediately. There is a possibility that you are not doing the exercise correctly. However, make sure you do not confuse stretch with pain.

Disclaimer: This article is for informative purposes only. Always consult a physician before starting any physical fitness program in order to reduce the risk of injury.