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Weight Bar Exercises

Shashank Nakate Apr 14, 2019
Workout using a weight bar is a nice way to improve strength and endurance of the muscles. One should incorporate a variety of such weight exercises in his workout routine to promote a balanced growth muscle growth.
The fundamental concept behind weight training is the use of gravity as an opposing force to the muscle force generated by eccentric or concentric contraction. A weight bar and weights are used as a medium in the process of muscle strengthening. Various workouts with these bars include a variety of abdominal exercises, bicep, tricep, and back exercises.

Weight Training

It is the form of exercise, which helps strengthen various muscles in the body. The term weight training should not be confused with powerlifting, bodybuilding, or Olympic weightlifting, which are specialized sports.
Weight training is similar to strength training, in which, the manipulation of repetitions, exercise types, tempo, sets, etc., are carried out in order to increase the size of the muscles, shape, strength, and endurance. Many different exercises can be performed with the help of a weight bar. Few of them are mentioned here.

Flat Bench Press

In this exercise, one has to lie down on a bench while facing upwards. The body should be positioned in such a way that the eyes are aligned below the edge of the bar.
A pronated grip should be used to hold the bar. The bar should be removed off the shelf and lowered slowly and pushed back upwards. The wrist and the chest need to be maintained in a straight position during the exercise. The muscles that are worked in this exercise include, the anterior deltoids and pectoralis major.

Single Arm Row

The single arm row workout helps in exercising the latissimus dorsi, rhomboids, rear deltoid, biceps, and mid-trapezius. In this exercise, one has to perform the movement, which is opposite to that in the bench press. In this upper body workout, muscles are exercised in a balanced way.
Sprinters and runners too, are benefited from this exercise, since they need a strong arm while sprinting. To exercise the left arm, the right hand should be firmly placed on a bench with the shoulder in line with it. The right knee should be rested on the bench while the left leg is placed firmly on the floor.
The dumbbell needs to be lifted with the left hand and pulled upwards while maintaining the shoulders in a straight position. Any kind of trunk or shoulder rotation should be avoided.
The spine needs to be kept straight and one should prevent the back from arching. The return movement should be performed slowly and carefully. The same procedure is used for the right hand.

Triceps Extensions

The lying triceps extensions help exercise the tricep muscles starting from the elbow and extending till the latissimus dorsi. To perform this exercise, one has to first lie on his back upon a flat bench. The head should hang off the edge and the neck should rest on it.
The barbell should be held in such a manner that the palms face away from the body and the arms slightly bend in elbows. The feet should rest on the floor with the knees forming an angle of 90ยบ.
The next step in the exercise is to lower the arms forming an acute angle at the elbows. Care needs to be taken to see, that the elbows don't sway in an outward manner while they are being lowered. The final step is to press back the arms to their original position.
The exercises mentioned here are easy to do and one can perform them even at home. Different muscles of the body are worked through these bar exercises. One should try to find out as many muscle building and weight exercises as possible to make the body stronger and healthier.