Why Do People Give Up on Losing Weight?

You do everything you can to shed the extra pounds, when suddenly you run into a brick wall. What's stopped you from conquering such a valiant effort to get into shape? Let's explore the top reasons why people give up on losing weight.
The Ugly Truth
Many obese individuals look at others like them and find it okay to be overweight. This is because they see it as a comfort to be surrounded by similarly large people, that don't make them feel alienated or out of place.

We live in an age where obesity is a living trend, and where many of us aren't afraid to get on the bandwagon. Countries are competing with one another in an exhaustive, sweaty, and pitiable obesity race. There is no way to mollify those who wish to continue harming their bodies; the alarming repercussions of an unhealthy lifestyle have been voiced, but not heard.

There may be a trencherman within each of us, who lies quietly within the depths of our subconscious, waiting to pounce at the first sign of weakness. How we tame this beast is a continual conditioning and disciplining of the mind, that is made possible through supportive people and what we tell ourselves. When nothing seems to work in our favor, that's when we give up.

Reasons Why People Quit Losing Weight

Emotional and Mental Conflicts

We have all sorts of emotions that flit within us, making us fall prey to temptation. When it comes to losing weight, the most volatile feelings that push us over the edge to eat unhealthily are, boredom, self-induced criticism, stress, depression, pain, loneliness, fatigue, anxiety, frustration, anger, and self-loathing. Emotions are a dangerous trigger when it comes to overeating, where once the habit sets in, it can be extremely hard to get rid of. Belittling those who are on a weight loss program is another damaging aspect that forces them to overeat because they see themselves as worthless.
Crumbly Willpower

We whimper when presented with a batch of steamy, creamy donuts, or a plate of deep-fried chicken wings. But it takes unshakable self-control to be able to dismiss such delectable offers. No one's putting a gun to your head to say no to such foods when they're in your face, but to eat them occasionally and in small portions. Others find it hard to control their gargantuan cravings, piling on an easy truckload of calories within minutes. Without willpower, losing weight can seem like an impossible feat. Willpower is not something that can be created―it has to be summoned from within.
No Sign of Results

You can't lose weight overnight, you know that. It takes time for the body to adjust to change, especially when it comes to dieting. The only way to notice quick results is to work out and eat clean. But not everyone combines the two, hoping that they miraculously wake up one morning with a size-28 waistline. I'm sorry to break it to you, but it takes dedication, patience, and hard work, to notice the fruit of your efforts. The results vary depending on how much physical stress you put your body through, and how many calories are burned, where it's easy to throw in the towel when the numbers on the weighing scale don't budge.
Sheer Laziness

To see someone start out so religiously―eating healthy meals, working out every day, and enjoying every bit of the process―is impressive. You witness a transformation in clear view, and then suddenly one day it all starts to dwindle, as you helplessly watch this person gain all that weight back. It's not that they don't have time―they won't make time. What became of the crazy fitness junkie? Laziness took over, followed by once-reticent brain receptors now rioting for junk food. Ultimately, feelings of self-pity―of having been pushed back to square one―consume them.
Unsupportive Friends and Family

No matter how strong-willed you are about turning your life around, not everyone will share in your enthusiasm. I know how hard it is to be impassive to criticism, especially when it comes from friends or family. Many of us know people who pass vicious comments about our resolution to lose weight. While some of us will relentlessly push forward despite their conniving motives, others take what they say to heart and wallow in misery, dejection, and a tub of Ben & Jerry's.
Fear of What's to Come

People associate losing weight with an ultimate purpose, and it scares them to think of what will happen once they do achieve it. It's a question of 'What now?', once the dream is attained. How do I snag an Irishman with washboard abs? What would people think if I wore a cropped T-shirt? Can I actually qualify as a beauty pageant contestant? It turns into a melee within oneself, resulting in compulsive eating to calm one's nerves. The realization of how to work towards a new set of goals thereafter, becomes a formidable task.
Junk Food Obsession

Let's be honest, shall we? How many of you go home; lock the doors; draw the curtains; turn on the TV; and finally sink your teeth into a mammoth beef burger or something equivalently unhealthy? Sometimes, we'd rather hurl that salad bowl at the wall and defiantly order for takeout. But the problem is not that you'd rather live an unhealthy life―it's your love for food that you can't let go of. Losing weight is not like serving jail time; the only rules that matter are portion control and adequate physical activity. Unfortunately, a lot of people lack the tenacity.
Extreme Boredom

Whether it's about eating healthy or pairing this habit with some form of exercise, we're all bound to lose interest along the way. Many of us will read about how to prepare palatable and appetizing meals, where others lack the motivation to bother. They'd rather eat microwave meals and processed food, wondering why the extra pounds lovingly cling on. An exercise routine can eventually turn stale, where not knowing how to switch things up can be a problem. If left alone, boredom sets in almost immediately and takes hold like a disease. What follows, of course, is obvious.
Lack of Time for Exercise

I cannot begin to tell you how frustrating it is to hear this excuse. Don't tell me you can't spare at least 30 minutes in a day to work out. If you're really that busy, 30 minutes is no biggie. For others who just claim to not have time, think of the hours wasted in front of the TV or computer. Because people would rather bury you with excuses in the hope that you'll understand, they miss out on something life-changing and crucial.
Not Wanting to Fail (Repeatedly)

Failing may be a painfully familiar situation for those who previously lost weight, but quickly gained it back. This happens when you fail to accomplish a goal―like wanting to lose weight for a special occasion, but not being able to. Eventually, you tell yourself that if you gave it another shot, you could end up failing all over again. We find respite in short-term goals but not long-term scenarios that require patience, alacrity, and commitment.

A surfeit of excuses will tumble from our mouths, but at the end of the day, we need to be able to look at ourselves in the mirror and decide if negligence is what we'd rather succumb to. There are ways to lose weight using all sorts of helpful resources, but it is up to us to actually go out there looking for them. Some say that calorie-counting is a mind-numbing act to perform every day, therefore, eating more than required. But with websites like My Fitness Pal and Calorie King, you'll be able to calorie-count meals with ease.

You need to know that help is always available if you want it. Steve Kamb of Nerd Fitness makes losing weight not just fun and a joy to do, but an eye-opening reality. He attracts members from around the world who are insanely supportive; you won't ever want to look back once you become a fitness nerd yourself.

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