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Workout Routines for Women at Home

Ningthoujam Sandhyarani Sep 29, 2018
If you have no time to hit the gym, but still want to achieve a lean and well-toned body, then you can consider these home workout routines.
As of today, women are no longer behind men in terms of body toning and performing physical exercises.
You can join gyms or other specific exercise regimens in order to achieve the type of body that you adore. But, it is not practical for everyone to spent time in the gyms leaving other pending works or household chores. Also, what is more important is performing the correct workout routines, which will give maximum benefit for the time that you spent.
Considering these instances, you require proper knowledge about workout routines at home. In addition to the usual physical activities like household works, there are several home workout routines for women. Let's discuss in brief about the workout plans for women that you can perform conveniently within the comfort zone of your home.

Home Workout Routines for Women

When speaking about the workouts for women, the tips are slightly varied from those implemented for men. It is due to the difference in the workout goals, body types, and hormones. Women are always concerned about the appearance like a flat belly and toned legs, while men focus more on bodybuilding, biceps, and triceps.
Whatever is the case, correct at home workout routines using the right exercise equipment is necessary to attain the targeted goals. Following are some of the effective workout routines for women at home, which are proven for giving successful results.

Warm Up

Before indulging in any form of rigorous exercise, you should include a warm up session. So, spend about 5-10 minutes of your daily exercise routine for running in place or jumping jacks.
A warm up before performing the workout routines should be done in order to avoid muscle wear and tear. The same reason is applicable with warming down exercise after performing the daily workout routines.

Cardiovascular Workouts

In most cases, women workout just for losing weight. If such is the case, then including cardiovascular exercise in the weekly workout routine is the best tip for burning the extra calories.
You can incorporate cardio activities such as treadmill workouts, swimming, rowing, cycling, step aerobics, jumping rope, etc. for about 30-45 minutes for at least 3-4 times a week. Such cardio workouts will not only result in weight loss, but they also help in maintaining a healthy heart.


Weightlifting and/or weight training is another popular workout for women. It helps in building muscles, specially in the thigh portion, which is a common fat accumulation part for women.
You can begin with a standard weight that you are comfortable with and successively increase it for better toning and muscle building. In addition, include lunges for strong and great looking legs.

Arm and Leg Workouts

These specifically focus on muscle building on localized body parts. After all, a perfect body shape also requires well toned arms and legs. For achieving this, you can consider practicing jump roping that uses the arms, legs, waist, and hips at the same time.
Another tip for arm workouts is to use dumbbells for carrying out biceps and triceps exercises. Regarding legs workouts, you can incorporate running (in treadmills) and long jumps.
During exercising, it is important that you enjoy what you are doing. You can dance with your favorite music and enjoy workouts to the fullest. All these mentioned workout plans for women may not be applicable for those who have an underlying health condition.
On the safer note, always consult and seek advice from a qualified physician or a fitness instructor, regarding the safe exercises and workout schedule. Follow the basic tips for workout routines at home and eat healthy food so as to improve your personality and well-being for a lifetime.