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Aerobic Shoes for Women

Aerobic Shoes for Women

We have provided you some brands of best aerobic shoes for women. Such shoes are meant for extreme comfort to you while making the high impact moves. Read on...
Saptakee Sengupta
The grip of aerobic shoes is quite different from that of running or kickboxing shoes. Shoes that are capable of providing support to your feet while performing the step up moves and simultaneously that allow your feet to breathe, are perfect for aerobics. Moreover, the pair that you buy for yourself should be tough enough to carry your body weight without causing any discomfort to your soles while jumping or stepping. We have provided you the best brands of aerobic shoes, that are exclusively meant for women.

Aerobic Shoes: Reviews

Ryka Aerobic Shoes
Ryka shoes are very popular among men owing to its fashion and quality. Ryka also manufactures shoes for water aerobics that are extremely durable and long-lasting. Check for Aqua Fit models if you are looking for water resistant varieties. Ryka Enhance Mid is an excellent product that manufactures light weight sneakers for women. The midsole is equipped with Removable Ortholite sockliner, that provides air circulation to your feet while performing the moves. It also offers intense cushioning effect and the shoe is resistant to bacteria and fungus. The upper air mesh also aids in breathing of the shoe while the padded heels are meant for support and stability. The outsole is made up of four pieces of rubber, that provides flexibility and grip. You can also look for other products like, Ryka Studio Flex, Ryka Synergy Lady and Ryka Transition Lady.

Reebok Aerobic Shoes
If you are looking for Reebok shoes, then go for these products, viz, Reebok Women's Princess Aerobics Shoe, Reebok Women's Simplytone Fitness Shoe and Women's Reebok EasyTone Inspire. These are unique samples from Reebok, that offer high comfort to aerobic dancers. The designs are simple, resembling a casual sports shoe, yet giving high performance. The interior of the shoes is covered with a terry lining that keeps your feet dry while dancing. The moisture absorbing property is excellent and you find immense comfort after wearing it due to the soft texture. Traction is delivered by the outsole, which is also equipped with a sockline padded foam. This technology protects your feet from injury and twisting. Cushioning effect is delivered mainly by the midsole.

Adidas Aerobic Shoes
Adidas Stella McCartney Tandlie Women's Fitness, Adidas Cheertumbler and Adidas Thalia Lux are the best products from Adidas. The posh sneakers look damn attractive in women and they can carry it with immense comfort. Thalia Lux Energize has a feminine appeal and the perforation accents further makes it classy. It has a streamline shape, where the upper portion has a nylon cushion. The two important features are 'textile lining and fitFOAM (R)', technology that offer durability and comfort. The midsole is encapsulated while the outsole is composed of rubber that protects your feet while in motion. Aerobic shoes from Adidas have been highly acclaimed by women not only for their wide range of designs but also for quality, textural detailing, comfort and luxury.

Nike Aerobic Shoes
If you are looking for Nike products for aerobics, then the options are Nike Shox Electro Women's Dance Shoe, Nike Women's Sweet Classic and Nike Huarache Dance sneakers . The neoprene upper layer allows smooth breathing of the shoe while the light weight tongue and collar provides you comfort while dancing. The outsole appears like herring bone that is considered to be highly stylish. Cushioning effect is provided by EVA cupsole and the textile lining in the interiors. Sweet Classic has a retro look and the vulcanized sole offers excellent protection. The classic designs are highly sought after by women and it perfectly complements urban fashion. You can clean the shoes quite effortlessly with just a piece of damp cloth.

Puma Aerobic Shoes
Cool, bright and funky are the shoes from Puma. You can opt for Puma Women's Axis, Puma Speed Sister Suede Shoes, Women's PUMA Cell Sorai or Women's Puma Complete Veris. The duoCELL technology of Veris is meant for providing stability and cushion while Ortholite® sockliner ensures traction and comfort. All shoes have rubber tracked outsoles and are equipped with shock absorbing technology. An entirely different pattern is established by Speed Sister Suede Shoes, that looks exquisitely feminine and classy. They are available in various colors ranging from gray to black and also in light shades. The quality of suede is excellent and they resemble loafers. If you are looking for a pair of contemporary shoes, then go for Sister Suede.

While looking for the best aerobic shoes for women, you must check for a flatter sole, with a luxurious padding. Opt for a pair that makes you feel the most comfortable while dancing.