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Are Boot Camps Really Effective for Weight Loss?

Are Boot Camps for Weight Loss Really Effective?
A boot camp is a well-structured exercise program, primarily conducted to get overweight people back in shape. FitnessVigil throws some light on the effectiveness of this fitness program.
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Last Updated: Mar 26, 2018
Did You Know?
Exercise sessions at boot camps are fun and effective, and are adjusted according to your fitness levels.
There is no doubt that a boot camp can be really very effective to lose weight, and those who have participated in this fitness program, swear by its efficacy. A boot camp consists of sessions of high-intensity exercises combined with healthy eating for a specific duration under the supervision of a trained instructor. Boot camps do not recommend any kind of fad diets or diet pills, but rather focus on customized diet plans and exercise routines to burn excess fat.
Why Boot Camps are Effective
Group Exercises
Group exercises
At boot camps, workouts are done in a group, which has plenty of benefits. It creates a social atmosphere, leaving no scope for boredom. You get acquainted with new people and make friends, which breaks the monotony of exercising alone. There is a huge gain in motivation, when exercise is done in groups, which makes you work harder to achieve your goals.
Outdoor Environment
Outdoor fitness group
Boot camp exercise routines are generally held outdoors in the lap of nature, allowing you to breathe plenty of fresh air. Working out in a natural environment is rejuvenating, hence, you tend to push yourself harder. Thus, when outdoors, you are motivated to exercise at a higher intensity, which increases your calorie expenditure.
Total body workout
By joining a boot camp, you break the monotony of gym workouts, no longer fiddling with the exercise ball or spending time on those uncomfortable machines. Here, you get rid of gym rut, as boot camps introduce you to a wide range of workouts. There are plenty of adventure activities that provide a whole body workout, thereby allowing you to burn a great deal of calories. From jumping jacks, push ups to climbing, canoeing, hiking, water rafting, there is so much to do that you never get bored when following the routine. You also get to know new about new fitness routines that can be easily implemented at home.
Personal Attention
Trainer motivating people
The scheduling and implementation of activities in boot camps is carried by instructors who have extensive experience as gym or personal trainers. Some are former military personnel who conduct the exercise program in the most effective way. Boot camps that are usually conducted in small groups have dedicated personal trainers who encourage you to push your limits so that you burn more calories and lose excess weight fast.
Rest Time
Instructor running fitness boot camp
Taking too much rest between workouts can reduce the efficacy of an exercise program. However, in boot camp sessions, the rest period between each exercise is optimum. So, at the end of the day, you burn maximum calories, which helps reduce weight quickly.
Fulfills your Nutritional Requirement
Boot camps are not just about sweating outdoors. It also takes care of your nutritional needs that are provided after every exercise session. The organizers ensure that you get the right food that keeps your energy levels high and spirits up throughout the day so that you continue with your exercise routine daily. The diet plan is designed to meet your weight loss goals, but not at the expense of keeping you hungry and starved. Participants are given 5-6 meals that are satisfying and packed with nutrition.

Boot camps usually last anywhere between 3 to 8 weeks. They help build team-spirit, and ensure that you to get back in shape. The instructors also offer advice about the right diet and exercise routine to follow at home so that you can continue to maintain a healthy weight long after the fitness program is over.
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