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Best Ab Machine

Best Ab Machine

Switch on the TV or take a look at newspapers, we find innumerable ab machines claiming to give you six pack abs in weeks. But which of these even are close to giving you those abs? Well, one has to be wise and take decisions after careful analysis of these well marketed machines.
Kulbhushaan Raghuvanshi
Now you have just selected an ab machine from a lot and bought it. So how did it turn out? Was it worth the expense? Did it provide you with a flat stomach? Or, you weren't satisfied with it and it's just dumped into some corner of your basement. Now you are looking for the next ab machine on the internet or at a sports apparel shop. This craziness for a lean abdomen is one of the reasons that ab machines are considered to be an important part of commercial fitness industry. Almost every year a new product is launched and it is termed as the 'best ab machine' ever built.

Anyone who has tried the various abdominal exercises to have a lean stomach knows that crunches and sit ups can get quite boring. People prefer exercises which also have an element of fun it. Even if you give them the best ab exercises to do, if they are not having fun, they won't be able to continue for long. Here's the time when an ab machine comes into the picture. These ab machines are made not only to strengthen your muscles but to also melt out the excess fat around the stomach. You might see many TV commercials showing fitness models practicing on various exercise equipment. Don't fall for this gimmick, as these machines strengthen abdominal muscles and don't help in burning abdominal fat. I think almost everyone nowadays know that the best way to get six pack abs is to make sure that you burn up the excess fat tissue.

A Look at the Market

To gain an attractive stomach, it is necessary to reduce the surrounding fat first. While looking for best ab machines for home and gym, it is advised to look for every detail. Don't look at the fancy brochures and believe everything that's written there, the best thing to do is to read some reviews before making a purchase.

Ab Roller
One of the best exercise equipment for abs is the new ab roller. It has an economical cost and is one of the most popular ab machines in the US right now. It's a simple little roller that uses your arm for grip and you pull yourself back and forth on your knees. This seems very easy, but it is not, after a few repetitions you will feel the pull. The ab roller is considered as a great ab machine for women.

Super Abs 7
The Super Abs 7 is great for a beginner or an advanced user. Its straps are comfortable and offer the great workout for lower abs. The straps are made of nylon slings which are ideal for long term use. When you hang your knees and lift them up, the resistance works on your lower abs. People who have knowledge about body building know that Super Abs 7 is one of the few effective machines in this segment.

8 Minute Abs
A machine that has an excellent ab workout plan is definitely a great option. 8 Minute Abs has also generated some remarkable customer feedback. According to me, the best part about 8 Minute Abs is the set of instruction videos which guide you on how to perform ab exercises well. A great choice for men, you can have a total body workout with this machine and see its effects sooner.

Exercise Ball
People having a problem with their back should always opt for an exercise ball. These balls can be found at any exercise apparel store and can give you a great deal of ab workout. This is a recommended accessory, and is found in every gym and fitness center across the globe. The design of the exercise ball is specially built for providing comfort to the body.

If you step in the market of fitness, you will find more than a hundred brands claiming to be the best one for getting six pack abs. Always remember, that a balanced diet combined with a proper exercise routine is the best way to achieve a chiseled stomach.