Burning Calories Chart

Burning Calories Chart

The rate of cell metabolism and body weight are influenced by calories consumed and calories burned. The 'burning calories chart' in this article will explain how simple exercises, like walking, jogging, cycling, and skipping help in shedding those extra pounds.
To lose weight fast, you need to burn more number of calories than you consume. Diet and exercise play an important role in 'weight maintenance'. Following a balanced diet won't help in maintaining or losing weight unless you exercise regularly. The calories burned during exercises may vary according to the weight of the person. Let us first try to understand the relationship between 'burned calories' and 'weight'.

Burning of Calories

➜ A sedentary lifestyle or lack of exercise severely affects the body metabolism. The rate of metabolism determines how fast your body can convert the food into energy.

➜ It also determines how quickly you will lose fat and thereby weight. Your weight may change according to the rate at which your body produces and uses energy.

➜ If two persons having the same body weight follow the same diet, the one with a higher metabolic rate will lose more weight than the one with a slower metabolic rate.

➜ So, the best way to burn calories is to increase your metabolic rate by increasing the amount of physical activity.

➜ Performing cardiovascular exercises regularly, having 5 or 6 smaller meals instead of 2 or 3 heavy meals, drinking plenty of water, never skipping the breakfast, and taking a stroll for five minutes in every one hour are some of the simple ways that can boost your metabolism.

➜ The following chart explains about how many calories are burned while performing simple exercises on a daily basis. The more you weigh, greater is the number of calories burned while exercising.

Burning Calories During Exercise

Name of the Activiity (1 Hour)130 pounds155 pounds190 pounds
Aerobic exercises general355420517
Badminton general265315387
Basketball game472560690
Bicycling, less than 10 mph, leisure235280345
Push-ups, sit-ups, vigorous effort472564690
Cooking or food preparation 148176215
Dancing, general265320388
Jogging, general413493603
Running, 10 mph (6 min mile) 94511251380
Ice skating, general412493602
Snow skiing, downhill, moderate effort352421516
Soccer, casual, general412492604
Swimming, breaststroke, general590702864
Table tennis, ping pong235280345
Tennis, general412492603
Walk/run-playing with children-moderate 235280345
Walking, 3.0 mph, mod. pace, walking dog208245300

➜ You may consult a gym instructor to know more about calorie burning activities. Some commonly performed fat-burning exercises are push-ups, stretches, kickboxing, weightlifting, dumbbell exercises, and similar such drills.

➜ Treadmills, exercise bikes, and elliptical machines can be used to speed up metabolism and reduce the body fat. The intensity of the exercise also determines the number of calories burned.

➜ It is not always necessary to join a gym. You can burn the desired number of calories with simple calorie-burning exercises performed at home.

➜ Walking instead of driving, taking stairs instead of elevators, gardening, cleaning the house yourself instead of using a cleaning service, taking your dog out, etc., are some good calorie-burning activities.

➜ People who are conscious about the daily calorie intake should keep themselves engaged in some sort of calorie-burning activities. Given below is another chart that shows the number of calories burned by running at a constant speed for a given time.

Calories Burned during Running

Weight in PoundsSpeedTimeCalories Burned
1004 mph25 min155
1054 mph25 min164
1104 mph25 min171
1154 mph25 min180
1204 mph25 min186
1254 mph25 min195
1304 mph25 min202
1354 mph25 min210
1404 mph25 min217
1454 mph25 min225
1504 mph25 min234
1554 mph25 min242
1604 mph25 min250
1654 mph25 min256
1704 mph25 min265
1754 mph25 min272
1804 mph25 min280
1854 mph25 min288
1904 mph25 min295
1954 mph25 min305
2004 mph25 min311
2054 mph25 min320
2104 mph25 min328
2154 mph25 min335
2204 mph25 min343
2254 mph25 min350
2304 mph25 min358
2354 mph25 min367
2404 mph25 min375
2454 mph25 min383
2504 mph25 min390

➜ Those who find it difficult to run, may try jogging or brisk walking. Regular exercising strengthens the muscles and improves the capacity of the heart to pump blood.

➜ A healthy diet and regular exercise helps in enhancing the function of the glands, stimulating the flow of hormones, and speeding up the rate of metabolism.

By referring to the above charts, you can decide the amount of exercise you need and the intensity at which you need to exercise in order to maintain or lose weight. You can choose any exercise of your choice but remember to exercise regularly. Following a healthy diet and exercising regularly can boost the rate of metabolism, which in turn can help you lead a healthy and active life.

Disclaimer: This Buzzle article is for informative purposes only and does not in any way attempt to replace the advice offered by an expert on the subject.