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Benefits of Circuit Training

Benefits of Circuit Training

Circuit training is beneficial for weight loss and for developing overall fitness of the body. This article discusses some of its other benefits.
Aarti R
Last Updated: Mar 8, 2018
Circuit training is nothing but a high intensity exercise program, which includes aerobic and resistance workouts. This program can be used for muscle-building, weight loss, or increasing stamina, and is considered very effective. While doing this activity, exercises are performed one after the other. The period between these exercises is very brief, and the exercises are performed rapidly, focusing on one muscle group at a time. Circuit training workouts include various equipments such as exercise balls, jump ropes, dumbbells, and weight machines.

  • It includes aerobics as well as resistance exercises, this combination helps build stamina and lean muscle.
  • Since the exercises are performed one after the other with brief intervals in between, the heart rate jumps up and down during the workout. This helps a lot in weight loss.
  • During those brief intervals in between exercises, the testosterone hormone is released in your body. This hormone aids the muscle-building process. However, only engaging in aerobics for a prolonged period decreases the testosterone levels.
  • As all the muscle groups are worked upon in this activity, it results in rapid fat loss.
  • It assures a total body workout, and all the muscles are utilized equally.
  • It helps build strength and endurance.
  • It takes very less time and is a good fitness mantra for busy individuals.
  • This activity can be done with inexpensive equipments, such as exercise balls, jump ropes, dumbbells etc.
  • It offers a variety of exercises from which you can pick and choose.
  • It is a smarter way to exercise and is very beneficial for building muscles.
Further, in order to gain maximum benefits from this program, it is advised that you work out three times a week.

Weight Loss

Most times, people who are following a weight loss program hit a plateau, wherein, they cannot lose weight any more. Circuit training can help people break through such plateaus. Workouts can be designed for both, the beginners as well as advanced trainers. This program can be modified in order to adapt to the fitness level of a certain individual, and exercises can crafted depending on the area on which the person wishes to lose fat. This program helps a person lose weight and gain muscle at the same time, therefore promoting a healthy weight loss.

Follow this program carefully, and you will see positive results within a few weeks.
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