Correct Way to Use a Figure Twister

Got yourself a figure twister, but you do not know the right way to use it? Do not worry, the following article will tell you the right way to use a figure twister.
FitnessVigil Staff
If you have started hating your love handles, and you want to get rid of the belly fat, then a figure twister can be your savior. A figure twister (some call it twister), is generally used to work on the abdominal muscles, but it is an effective device to tone your entire lower body.
I have seen many people who do not have toned obliques, even if they do several sets of oblique crunches a day. Well, a figure twister can help them get the desired results. A twister is not heavy, and you can carry it anywhere you want, with ease. It can help you burn a lot of calories, and will keep you in shape, some term it as one of the best portable aerobic exercise tools. There are several models of figure twisters available in the market, some of the models have resistance tubes, while a few also have massage bumps to massage your feet.
How to Use a Figure Twister
A figure twister is very easy to use, but if you do not know the correct way of using it, you will never get results. A wrong technique of using a figure twister might also injure your lower back, so see that you are doing it right. Here are the steps that you should follow to get the best results:
Before You Start
Most of the people who tell you how to use a figure twister will never mention this part. You should never use it on an empty stomach, nor should you be full. You need energy to have a good exercise session, so you should have some light carbohydrates 15 minutes before you start your exercise. Do not stuff yourself with food. With a full stomach, you may not be able to perform even a single twist. One more thing, wear the right gear for the exercise, your movements should not get restricted because of what you have worn.
Placing the Twister
One thing that you should remember is that you need room to twist, so do not place the figure twister in some cramped up area. The place where you are going to exercise should have proper ventilation. Once you have found that area, see that the surface on which you intend to keep the twister is completely flat. Now, place the twister.
Getting Into Position
Stand on the twister. Most of the figure twisters have markings on them, which indicate the right position for your feet, so make sure that you are standing in the area intended for your feet. If your figure twister has massage bumps, see that your feet is in contact with those bumps. If your twister has resistance tubes, hold them tight, else you can simply make fists. Stand upright! Stretch your hand towards the front (fists intact), then move your fists towards your chest, stop 8 inches before you touch your chest.
The Twist Begins
Once you are in the position, twist your upper body to your left, such that your right forearm is facing your chest (8 inches apart), and your right heel is raised a bit (say around 2 inches). When you feel the stretch in your right abdominal muscles, twist towards the right, bringing your left forearm in front of your chest and raising your left heel. Continue twisting from one side to another.
The time for which you use a figure twister will depend on your stamina. Do not overdo it, stop when you feel that it is enough for the day. Your stamina will gradually increase, and you will be able to exercise for a longer duration. If you have a back problem, I recommend you to consult a doctor before you start using a figure twister.