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Good Workout Songs

Good Workout Songs

There's two ways a song can become motivational to someone: one is through the lyrics, the other is through the beats and the rhythm. There are more than enough songs on both sides to help you through the long hours of grueling physical exertion, and get into the shape that you desire.
Arjun Kulkarni
Last Updated: Apr 9, 2018
Well one thing is clear - if you've ever been to a gym, they will always play songs with a faster beat or a higher volume. Workout songs tend to be louder as they somehow push people to work harder.
Good Songs to Play While Working Out
Some songs do tend to make people exercise harder. Gyms have always played songs which have a faster beat, a louder bass, tougher music, or hard vocals. Somehow, their intensity increases our own while working out. We tend to feel more energetic when we hear certain songs and then we push ourselves harder in the gym. A lot of gyms used remixed versions of softer songs which again lends to them a higher intensity.
Commonly accepted tracks are basically of two genres: hip-hop and rock. So while listing out the songs, I'll classify them in three groups: rock workout songs, hip hop workout songs and others.
25 Best Rock Workout Songs
♪ Ten Thousand Fists ~ Disturbed
♪ Highway to Hell ~ AC/DC
♪ The Game ~ Motörhead
♪ Faint ~ Linkin Park
♪ Tornado of Souls ~ Megadeth
♪ Killing in the Name ~ Rage Against the Machine
♪ Wherever I May Roam ~ Metallica
♪ You Know My Name ~ Chris Cornell
♪ Bad Company ~ Five Finger Death Punch
♪ White Unicorn ~ Wolfmother
♪ Headstrong ~ Trapt
♪ We Will Rock You ~ Queen
♪ We Are the Champions ~ Queen
♪ Jambi ~ Tool
♪ The Eye of the Tiger ~ Survivor
♪ It's My Life ~ Bon Jovi
♪ Domination ~ Pantera
♪ I'm Shipping Up to Boston ~ Dropkick Murphys
♪ Welcome To The Jungle ~ Guns N' Roses
♪ Man In The Box ~ Alice In Chains
♪ Crazy Train ~ Ozzy Osbourne
♪ Iron Man ~ Black Sabbath
♪ Enter Sandman ~ Metallica
♪ Even Flow ~ Pearl Jam
♪ Thunderstruck ~ AC/DC

25 Best Hip Hop Workout Songs
♪ B.O.B ~ OutKast
♪ Boom Boom Pow ~ Black Eyed Peas
♪ Gasolina ~ Daddy Yankee
♪ The Way I Are ~ Timbaland feat. Keri Hilson
♪ 'Till I Collapse ~ Eminem
♪ Remember The Name ~ Fort Minor
♪ Work It ~ Nelly feat. Justin Timberlake
♪ SexyBack ~ Justin Timberlake
♪ Lose Yourself ~ Eminem
♪ In Da Club ~ 50 Cent
♪ Ayo Technology ~ 50 Cent feat. Justin Timberlake
♪ Girlfriend ~ N sync ft Nelly
♪ Rock Your Body ~ Justin Timberlake
♪ Yeah ~ Usher feat. Lil Jon and Ludacris
♪ Work Hard Play Hard ~ Wiz Khalifa
♪ Someday ~ Flipsyde
♪ Pump It ~ Black Eyed Peas
♪ Push It ~ Salt-N-Pepa
♪ Run This Town ~ Jay-Z
♪ 99 Problems ~ Jay-Z
♪ Feel Good Inc. ~ Gorillaz
♪ Party Up ~ DMX
♪ Hit 'Em Up ~ 2Pac
♪ Touch It (Remix) ~ Busta Rhymes
♪ Stronger ~ Kanye West
Other Great Workout Songs
♪ Galvanize ~ Chemical Brothers
♪ Here I Come ~ The Roots
♪ 4 Minutes ~ Madonna ft Justin Timberlake
♪ Toxic ~ Britney Spears
♪ All The Things She Said ~ T.A.T.U.
♪ Beat It ~ Michael Jackson
♪ Thriller ~ Michael Jackson
♪ Guess Who's Back ~ Rakim
♪ Last Resort ~ Papa Roach
♪ Push The Tempo ~ Fatboy Slim
♪ Fight Music ~ D12
♪ Rollin' ~ Limp Bizkit
♪ Straight Outta Compton ~ N.W.A.
♪ Xoxo ~ Cherub
♪ Don't Cha ~ Pussycat Dolls

What you can do is either get the music on to your music player, or give the playlist to your gym directly. They will have most, if not all, of the songs I've mentioned. That way you don't have to block out everything by putting headphones on while you work out.