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Health Benefits of Hula Hooping Will Surely Raise Your Eyebrows

Health Benefits of Hula Hooping
Exercising one's hips, back, buttocks, and legs are some of the health benefits of hula hooping. Take a detailed look at how taking up this fun activity, can be advantageous for you.
Maya Pillai
Last Updated: Feb 16, 2018
Did you know hula hooping has been around for centuries? There's historical evidence to prove hooping was one of the many physical exercises practiced by the ancient Greeks. In olden days, hoops were made from wood, bamboo, grass, vines, and even from metals such as iron and copper. The hula hoops that are available in the market today are made from safe plastics. Hooping as a toy for children was introduced in Great Britain in the 14th century. In the early 19th century, some British soldiers happened to witness "Hula" dancing in the islands of Hawaii.
The trend of using hula hoops to lose weight caught on like most fad diets, although this is one routine, that can be labeled a healthy weight loss method, and not a fad one. For those looking to build a strong abdominal core, while also toning other muscles that run along your body, hula hooping is a great option for losing weight, and staying in shape.
Hula Hooping with a Weighted Hoop
Hula hoops today meant for weight loss and muscle toning, are designed differently as compared to the ordinary version of the plastic hoop. They're now made from material that is tough, and not as lightweight, ranging from 3 lbs. to 7 lbs. These hula hoops come with padding, to help cushion the tough material against your torso as you rotate it. The prices of these fall within USD 25 to about USD 88, depending on the brand and make.
Hula Hooping Workout Benefits
Labeled as an effective cardio workout routine, hula hooping has even been introduced as an exercise in gyms, and fitness centers. So what can it do for your body, you ask? Take a look ...
Lifts your spirits
Hula hooping is an activity that is of immense fun, and doesn't invite that element of boredom into the routine. It can improve your mood, and also help boost your confidence while driving yourself to attain the body you want.
Increases Flexibility
Weighted hula hoops are a very preferred option to go with, since its plastic counterpart gives poorer results. When the spine/discs are not familiar with flexibility, they benefit from this exercise because the rotating motion helps make it so. You can curb back problems/injuries, and will find it increasingly helpful when doing heavy chores, and other workout routines.
Tones the body
Your hips, glutes, abdomen, thighs, legs, and knees get an entire workout through hula hooping. Because you balance yourself in a way that allows the hoop to stay circling around your torso, your muscles are in a tense state of trying to remain steady. You can always alternate your moves by rotating the hoop using your forearms, since this area can also be toned well as you progress.
Healthy heart and circulatory system
Blood circulation is improved because of the continuous movement of the entire body, helping those suffering from high blood pressure, while also helping your heart build its muscle mass to help fight against strokes and heart attacks. A plus point is that even stress levels drop, because of its relaxing effect on the body.
Battling the Cons
A lot of people may feel dejected at first when starting out on hula hooping, but you need to understand that practice makes perfect. Find someone to help you get started. If you slip up many times while rotating the hoop, just remember that you're human. No one is a born expert when it comes to twirling, so allow yourself some time to adjust to the new routine. Gyms and aerobic class centers have instructors that are ready to help when teaching you how to use hoops. Find a comfortable hula hoop to work with, since bruising is evident around the torso area if the padding isn't cushioned. Don't beat yourself up about not getting the hang of it, because once you do, you'll be on your way to achieving that much-awaited physique.
Hula hooping is an incredible workout prop, and it will help you stay in shape without tiring from this exercise. You can always learn how to do this by viewing tapes at home, or signing up with friends at your closest fitness center, to make the most out of this superb equipment.
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