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Herbs to Reduce Belly Fat

Including herbs is a natural way to reduce weight and also keep the body in good shape, without inviting any undesired effects. There are a number of herbs to reduce belly fat, in an effective manner, sans any complications or side effects...
FitnessVigil Staff
Having a bulging belly may appear unsightly, but did you know it also can affect the health of an individual? Made up of mainly fat, having a belly can mean that you are jeopardizing the health of your heart. This is because high levels of cholesterol can cause arterial blockage, which may lead to strokes and heart attacks. Visceral or abdominal fat needs to be reduced to avoid these disastrous effects. Apart from controlling the diet and following an exercise regimen, there are also a few herbs and supplements that help reduce unwanted fat in the belly region.
Herbs to Get Rid of Belly Fat
Nature has provided mankind with a variety of herbal remedies that have the capability to treat and cure numerous maladies in the body system. Every problem in the human body can be addressed with the help of herbs and their supplements. There are also a few herbs that help shed the extra kilos and maintain optimal weight. Here is a list of herbs that help reduce the flab around the belly.
Belonging to the family of hot chili peppers, cayenne is a rich source of capsaicin. This chemical compound helps generate body heat, which initiates the faster burning of fat. It also acts as an appetite suppressant, thereby reducing the feeling of hunger.
Chickweed is also used as a herbal remedy to melt the extra fat around the belly and thighs. Taken in the form of decoction, this herb effectively burns fat and releases energy. Other illnesses that can be relieved with the use of chickweed are rheumatic pains, constipation, wounds and ulcers etc.
Dandelion is a traditional herb that is prescribed to people who are keen on shedding off the extra kilos around the waist. The leaves and flowers of the plant are used as a herbal remedy. Loaded with vitamins and calcium, this herb acts as a diuretic and laxative as well. Dandelion controls the craving for sweets, which are a cause for belly fat.
Unhealthy levels of triglycerides and cholesterol in the body can be harmful and cause cardiovascular disorders. Taking garcinia will help bind the molecules of cholesterol and fat and also prevents them from being absorbed into the body. Acid molecules are also bound and prevented from getting reabsorbed into the intestines, thereby eliminating cholesterol from blood circulation.
Ginger root is also a popular herb that triggers the burning of extra calories which in turn helps reduce belly fat. Since more energy is used by the tissues for calorie burning, the level of cholesterol is controlled. Ginger also helps improve the functioning of the joints and in several other health conditions.
Popular as a metabolism booster, ginseng also helps increase energy levels in the body. It also increases the endurance of the body against a number of ailments, people who have a tendency to retain excess water in the body or who are overweight are recommended to take ginseng, for a healthy weight loss.
Green Tea Extract
Drinking a cup of green tea twice a day is known to reduce belly fat and also keep it trimmed down. It helps boost the rate of metabolism thereby increase the burning of calories in the body. Not only this, green tea is also considered to be an excellent source of antioxidants, which helps the body fight against the free radicals thus preventing infections and diseases, and also keep them at bay.
Being an active ingredient in a number of fat loss supplements and energy drinks, guarana enhances the rate of metabolism. A compound called guaranine, present in this herb, directs the body to release fat, which is burnt for energy production. Taken in a combination with other supplements, guarana slows down the gastric emptying, thereby reducing hunger pangs.
Taken in the form of guggul gum and powder, this herb helps burn unwanted fat molecules at a faster pace and convert them into energy. It also helps lower the levels of cholesterol in the bloodstream and even keeps a check on it.
Sugar or glucose is a contributing factor for weight gain, which is unhealthy. Including the recommenced dosage of the gymnema herb will inhibit the absorption of glucose and trigger the increased metabolism of sugar. This helps keep a check on weight and also prevents obesity.
Taking rhodiola rosea extract burns down the stubborn fat accumulated in the adipose tissue. This herbal remedy triggers the production of an enzyme called lipase, which assists in the breakdown of fat. Combining it with moderate exercises, significant weight loss and reduction of belly fat is reported in a number of instances.
Before taking any of the above mentioned belly fat burning or weight loss herbs, consult a herbalist or health care provider for the exact dosage and guidance on how to use them without triggering unwanted complications.
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