Home Gym Workouts

Home Gym Workouts

When one does not have the time to spare for a workout in the gym, one can do it at home. Home workouts will keep you healthy and you won't have to keep thinking about skipped workouts, wasted money, etc. Let's take a look.
Who does not want to have a well toned body? However, not all of us may have the time required to go to a gym and workout. One can instead choose to work out in home gyms. You do not have to necessarily have all the equipment that are a part of the gym. There are home gym equipment, which one can make use of instead. This exercise equipment is made so that one can do a number of exercises with it. Apart from it, you can have exercise balls, dumbbells, elliptical trainers, exercise bike, and other accessories. If you have a lot of space, then you may choose to have a treadmill in the home gym as well.

In this article, we will assume that you will work with only free weights, exercise balls, some equipment for cardiovascular exercise, etc. At the same time, it is important to note that these home gym workouts are samples. There is no workout which works for everyone. You will have to work out your own permutation and combination to come up with best one for yourself.

Designing Home Gym Workouts
Some people choose to have different workouts for different days of the week, and exercise a different body part everyday. On the other hand, there are people who prefer to have a routine and change the workout regularly to derive benefits. You will have to decide, what works the best for you. While designing a workout plan, you will have to determine which are your stronger areas and which are your weaker areas. Accordingly, you will have to lay stress on those body parts.

The next point to remember is to have a healthy balance of aerobic exercises along with resistance training exercises. It is seen that men tend to concentrate a lot on the upper body and women tend to concentrate on the lower body. If there is a problem area for you, you may give those body parts a little more attention. However, do not compromise on other parts, when you are concentrating on these body parts.

Which are the exercises which should be included in the workout is the next question. Most of the body-weight exercises can be done as a part of a workout plan at home as well. It is best to include a maximum of two exercises for one part of the body in one workout routine. This makes sure that you are not running out of time.

Sample Routine for Men

Name of the ExerciseNumber of RepetitionsNumber of Sets
Jogging on the Spot10 to 15 minutes-------
Jump Rope200 to 300 counts-------
Bench Press8 to 10 repetitions1 to 2 sets
Dumbbell Press8 to 10 repetitions1 to 2 sets
Dumbbell Bicep Curls8 to 10 repetitions1 to 2 sets
Triceps Dumbbell Extensions8 to 10 repetitions1 to 2 sets
Squats with or without weights10 to 12 repetitions2 to 3 sets
Calf Raises10 to 12 repetitions1 set
Pull Ups8 to 10 repetitions1 set
Sit Ups15 to 20 repetitions2 to 3 sets

Sample Routine for Women

Name of the ExerciseNumber of RepetitionsNumber of Sets
Marching on the Spot10 mins-------
Jump Rope100 to 200 counts-------
Squats10 to 12 repetitions1 to 3 sets
Lunges10 to 12 repetitions1 to 3 sets
Knee Ups10 to 12 repetitions1 to 3 sets
Dumbbell Fly8 to 10 repetitions1 set
Wall Push Ups8 to 10 repetitions1 set
Bench Dips8 to 10 repetitions1 set
Crunches15 to 18 repetitions2 sets
Reverse Curls15 to 18 repetitions2 sets
Obliques12 to 15 repetitions2 sets

While designing a workout routine for beginners, its intensity will have to be tapered down. All gym workouts stop giving desired results after 2 - 2½ months. Hence, it is necessary to change the routine regularly. Similarly, you will have to make appropriate changes to your home workouts as well. It is best to make the most of the different items you have at home.
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