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Manual Treadmill Review

Manual Treadmill Review

Before you buy a manual treadmill, here are some of its benefits and drawbacks as well as some manual treadmill reviews of the best products.
Pragya T
Manual treadmills are fitness machines, which don't need power supply to operate. They are ideal for home workout, and they are smaller and more compact than motor driven treadmill. They are supported by a frame, which is made from lightweight aluminum. The front part of the machine has grips or handlebars to hold, while working out. Usually, there are casters at the bottom, on one side, which allow this fitness equipment to be moved easily. When comparing manual treadmill and the electric one, you will see that the latter has better advantages, as it provides a more controlled workout at different intensity levels. However, the former has its own set of advantages, and if you are looking for a machine, which meets your own needs, then only go for it. Or, go in for a cheap model. You can find a good model like the Gold Gym 450 under USD 400. Also, before going in for any purchase, read some of the manual treadmill reviews presented in the article below.

  • Reviews declare that these machines are smaller, lighter, and easy to store.
  • Compared to their electrical counterparts, they cost much lesser.
  • They are low on maintenance. Also, they are more durable and last for many years.
  • As there is no motor in the fitness equipment, you will be driving the machine, which might put more stress on your joints.
  • It is not efficient enough to burn the calories off, because it is determined by the user and not by the machine.
  • It does not come with added benefits or features, which are available even in the cheap motor devices.
  • Lastly, adjusting the speed and the incline level can get annoying sometimes, because you want to make it easy enough for the belt to get moving.
Top Treadmills

If you are looking for a cheaper, lighter, and easy-to-store model, here are some of the best ones available today.

Stamina Products InMotion II

These are priced around USD 200 and is the largest belt of any manual treadmill you will find. It has a 42" long belt and can accommodate even longer legged people for brisk walking. This model is lightweight and has wheels attached to it, which makes moving it very easy. It has a weight holding capacity of 250lbs. It comes with two different incline positions, to add more intensity. Also, it features an electronic display which helps to monitor speed, time, and the amount of calories burned.

Phoenix Denise Austin 98510

Another top model, talked about in reviews and ratings, is the Phoenix Denise Austin 98510. This model has an easy to read monitor and folds neatly for storage, and supports weight till 250 lbs. It comes with an instruction video, and a one year warranty on the frame.

Weslo WLTLO53 Cardio Stride

This model is priced around USD 150, and has a large LCD monitor. It is a versatile model on which you can make adjustments for three incline levels. It has a weight holding capacity of 250 lbs, and a short warrant of 90 days.

These were the pros and cons of manual treadmills, how they work and some of the best treadmill reviewed. So, make sure a treadmill suits your fitness goal, and pick from any of the above mentioned models to achieve that goal.