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Upper Chest Workouts

Upper Chest Workouts

Can't get your eyes off a perfectly chiseled body? Scroll down to know the best upper chest workouts, a must have for those to-die-for body cravings!
Dhanashree Patane
Who does not fall for an attractive physique? The magical bodies of Gerard Butler in '300' or Brad Pitt in 'Troy', they definitely freeze the heart beats of so many! I can't help but agree the most. Having full and defined shoulder-chest muscles, break all rules of attraction. The upper chest plays an important role in being worthy of all fawning for complete masculine muscles and sweat! Let us put a little effort on the insight of chest muscles. The chest muscles are made up of pectoralis muscles (also known as pectorals or 'pecs', situated in the chest). It is a fan like muscle that bulks up the chest muscles in males. Your workout focuses on two aspects of bodybuilding, that is 'bulking' and 'toning'. Most of the time, the upper chest workout is neglected and focus is more on the lower chest. Sometimes, the upper chest turns out to look unevenly developed. The same long workout even makes the upper chest muscles look like two swelling balloons, that have given up the hope of improvement. At such times, people often get discouraged, losing hope, they want to quit. The following will give a fresh view of upper chest workouts, and get you racing on the tracks of building those broad, strong and even pectorals, with round and indented thick muscular square pecs.

Best Upper Chest Workouts

It is easy to prepare mentally for the workout, however, with patience being the key, most of the time implementing them physically is a challenge. It is time to bench the ego, if you stand with the thought that 'Rome was built in one day!' Grab a few positive and patient pillows, be loyal to your workout, and follow this workout for a perfect upper chest:
  • Incline Bench Press: This is one of the vital workout, you can work with dumbbell or barbell. Keep your back pressed against the bench. You can start with 30°, work on 10-12 repetitions or to your max capacities, gradually move to 45° with the same weight and repeat a set. Move to 60°, and repeat the sets. This workout emphasizes on 'stretching at the bottom' and 'squeezing at the top', which precisely gives you space for movement. That is, the upper muscles are stretched in the beginning of the movement and squeezed as you finish the movement. This helps in splitting the fibers in the muscle and increasing them in the end. A dumbbell bench chest press gives you more scope to stretch and hence for pec building also.
  • Machine Press, Inclined Bench Press: The most important thing is to make use of the fibers in your body following inclined bench press and inclined cable flyes. You can use weight that will help you complete at least 15 repetitions with balance and control. Once finished, move to bench press with 20-25 swift repetitions. You can follow a similar workout with inclined flyes also. For fuller mass on the upper chest, stick to not more than 2 sets of inclined bench press and flyes.
  • Cable Crossovers and Inclined Flyes: This workout routine stretches the inner muscles of the upper chest. Inclined flyes will give you fuller muscle fibers, resulting in mass gain. Cable crossovers help intense stretching of muscles in the inner pecs. For more effective workouts, you can complete 10-12 repetitions, or 2-3 sets, or rest between sets. This workout is usually done at the end of the upper chest workout.
There are workouts without weights too that can be followed.
  • Tent Push Ups You have to place your feet forward (walk them forward in position), your body should bend at the waist. Position your hips higher, and bend at the elbows. Move towards the ground, until you are an inch away from the floor.
  • Declined Push Ups: This is very similar to your regular push ups, the only difference is that your feet will be lying on a flat bench. When executing, keep your back straight and flat. The distance between the hands and width can be used variably.
  • Inclined Push Ups with Exercise Ball: This workout provides standard pressure throughout your chest. Make sure you securely place your hands on the ball and slowly complete a push up, with your chest barely far from the exercise ball and then back to the initial position.
Remember, if you are a beginner, you can start with moderate repetitions. Once you complete the routine workout, stretch your upper chest muscles. This will help in regaining and stretching the fascia, and help in gaining mass. Inclined bench press, machine flyes and press, and push ups between benches, inclined dumbbell press and flyes, rule the top workouts for the upper chest. Flat bench press still is equally important for complete chest muscle building, and is also a great chest workout to follow.

Few Tips to Remember

Though there is a lot of energy and passion when one starts the workout, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind.
  • Start your fresh workout for the week by chest workout and training, since your body will get rest during the weekends, which in turn will energize your muscles.
  • Always complete your chest workout first and then move to triceps and shoulder workouts.
  • Follow a good warm up procedure before you start your training, and start with lighter workouts, then gradually move to the more intense ones.
  • Workout in the given and very particular form, finish few repetitions perfectly, rather than finishing for the sake of numbers.
  • Use realistic weights that you can bear to your max, don't use weights, simply easy to wave, it will not give you desired results
  • Use variety when working out, also be consistent in your routine.
  • Last and the most important is nutrition. All your efforts of the workout will be in vain if your body does not get proper nutrition.
These were few facts to help you with building a desired upper chest and body. Make sure you implement these along with a dose of positivity. I am sure with these upper chest workouts, all the hot blooded dudes wouldn't think twice, whenever it's time to go bare at the beach or the pool parties!