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Zumba Shoes for Women

Performing Zumba requires the use of specific shoes to minimize any related injuries. Here we talk about specific Zumba shoes for women, and provide a simple guide on choosing the right shoes for this fun and high impact activity.
FitnessVigil Staff
A Latin dance aerobic style that promises to give you a good time while shedding off those calories and toning that body, Zumba has turned out to be the latest craze in the world of fitness. As is the case with any form of exercise, performing Zumba requires the use of some special shoes; particularly so because this exercise needs you to glide, slide, twist, turn, and jump, and if you aren't wearing the right shoes, you are more prone to injuries caused by such movements. Because women are more prone to bone and joint injury choosing specific Zumba shoes that cater to their needs is imperative.
How to Choose Zumba Shoes
The choice of Zumba shoes actually depends on the anatomy of the person wearing it. For instance, if someone is flat footed or has a high arch, the choice of shoes will vary based on this requirement. In most cases, consulting a fitness expert or your Zumba instructor for the right type of shoe will be your best bet. After taking a look at your requirements, an expert will be able to guide you about the right kind of shoe to wear, so that the Zumba routine benefits you the most without causing any discomfort. Though the needs of every woman may differ, there are still certain basic features that a Zumba shoe should have in order to work for you.
  • Shoes worn for Zumba should have soles that offer mild traction, in that they do not grip the floor when you dance. This means you cannot use the same sneakers you wear to the gym, as these have been specifically designed to provide a good grip. On the other hand, the shoes you choose should also be able to easily glide on the floor, but not exactly like regular dance shoes. In effect, a little bit of both is the perfect blend to have you get the best out of this shoe.
  • Ensure that the shoes allow for shock absorption. When you dance, the moves may require you to fall on your feet thereby landing with all your weight on them. The shoes should be able to handle this pressure without causing you any injury.
  • Your Zumba shoes should be light so that you can move easily. Also do not forget to check whether they provide adequate lateral support.
  • Experts suggest using a shoe with a split sole so that you can perform Zumba moves easily. Such shoes also allow you to flex your feet and perform intricate moves better.
  • You may be required to add cushioning at the top of the shoe to perform certain dance moves. Some shoes come with this feature while it may have to be added in others. This cushion may have to be replaced regularly. If you start experiencing pain in your legs while working out, it is probably an indication that the cushion needs to be replaced.
  • Zumba shoes should have a comfortable fit. If you have wide feet, buy a pair of shoes that is one size larger than your actual size to keep you comfortable.
In effect, any shoe that has been designed for the purpose of performing exercises such as dance aerobics will be good for Zumba. However, it is better to consult your instructor before investing in a pair.
Best Zumba Shoes for Women
Certain specific brands of shoes fulfill the exact requirements mentioned above and are perfect for your regular Zumba class. Here's a look into some shoes that are worth investing in.
Ryka Women's Studio Flex Low Fitness Shoe
This is one of the most popular brands that offers the comfort required to perform Zumba. In fact, this is one brand that offers shoes exclusively for women. The mild traction that is necessary for you to jump and glide across the floor is provided by this shoe, along with a padded lining, a wide toe box, and lateral support for substantial shock absorption, to make the class comfortable for those of you who suffer from joint aches. It has been found extremely comfortable for high impact Zumba classes.
ASICS Women's GEL-Enthrall Training Shoe
Another great pair that offers support for Zumba dancers, the ASICS Women's GEL-Enthrall Training Shoe has been used and appreciated by a lot of women. It allows you to spin on the ball of your foot comfortably, with its soft insole and flexible design. Some people have taken a little time to get used to the gel heel, but the overall review has been positive. For those who have wide feet, users recommend buying one size larger as this shoe is slightly narrow. Customers claim their pains and aches have also considerably reduced by wearing these shoes and performing rigorous activities such as Zumba.
Capezio Women's FREE1 Freedom Dansneaker
Not many people are aware of this brand but those who have used it swear by its benefits for Zumba. With a boxed toe, a split sole and a mesh body, this shoe provides immense comfort and sufficiently absorbs the pressure that is put on your lower body when performing Zumba. People even claim to have been able to do Zumba without any aches and pains upon wearing these shoes. Though most reviews of this pair suggest that you should buy one size larger than your actual size if you have wide feet, these shoes usually stretch out with regular wear; so buying your original size should be fine.
Some more shoes that have been found great for Zumba are:
  • Nike Musique Series - Nike Musique VI Women's Dance Shoe
  • Nike Zoom Sister - Nike Zoom Sister Nike Zoom Sister One+ Women's Training Shoe
  • Nike Zoom Quick Sister - Nike Zoom Quick Sister+ Women's Training Shoe
  • Nike Shox - Nike Shox Cameo Women's Fitness Dance Shoe
  • Ryka Shoes - Ryka Studio D
  • Bloch Dance Shoes - Bloch Boost DRT Mesh Sneaker
  • New Balance
  • Puma Zumba Shoes
  • Adidas Zumba Shoes
Apart from speaking to your instructor, getting reviews and recommendations from Zumba dancers about the best Zumba shoes for yourself is a good idea. As mentioned earlier, the choice of these shoes is subjective, and what is good for one woman may not be so great for another. As such, understand all your requirements and then decide on a good pair. The best shoes are available online for the best prices. However, before you order them ensure that you are aware of the exact size of your feet and order them accordingly. Though most websites offer free shipping even on return and exchange, it is still good sense be sure and then order your pair.