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Ab Coaster Customer Reviews

Ab Coaster Customer Reviews

Ab Coaster is a fitness equipment that is specifically designed to work the abs. This FitnessVigil write-up provides information on the pros and cons of this exercise machine, so as to help the prospective buyers make a well-informed decision.
Smita Pandit
Last Updated: May 4, 2018
According to the manufacturer, Ab Coaster works the abdominal muscles from bottom up, thereby reducing the strain on the neck, shoulders, and the back.

Ab Coaster Pro (PS500) and Ab Coaster Black are a part of the Ab Coaster's personal series for residential use. Ab Coaster's infomercial is not any different from the rest of the infomercials for fitness equipment. You will find fitness models with a physique or figure to die for, giving the credit to the workout machine for their well-defined abs. However, the infomercials can be misleading. Getting a well-toned body with six pack abs is definitely not as easy as these models make it seem to be. So, don't take these tall claims at their face value. Moreover, you can achieve your fitness goals, only if you are disciplined enough to follow your workout routine religiously. Exercising a specific muscle group will definitely tone that particular muscle group, but it does not stimulate fat loss in the surrounding area. Therefore, you need to cut down on your calorie intake as well.

There is no dearth of ab workout machines in the market. Before investing in an exercise equipment, do go through customer reviews. You could also take the opinion of experienced fitness trainers, so that you don't end up investing in an equipment that turns out to be a total waste of money.

Ab Coaster System

Weighing around 70 pounds, the Ab Coaster Pro is 51 inches long, 25 inches wide, and 50 inches high. If you have a small home gym, you might find it a bit bulky. The machine is just one of the components of this system. The buyers will also receive:

The Ab Coaster Complete Workout DVD
A guide that comprises an exercise plan, fast track meal plan, and 14-day express program

The DVD and the guide provide instructions for assembling the machine and using it. They also provide information on core conditioning and express workout. You will also find instructions for adding weights for resistance.


Durable, heavy duty steel frame
User weight capacity of 300 pounds
Multi-position adjustable seat
Digital workout counter
Casters for easy movement
Nylon rollers
Vinyl covered molded foam pads
20 pounds weight plate capacity
Free-style motion

How Does it Work

According to the manufacturer, the machine's curved track mimics natural spinal flexion, thereby allowing the users to perform an abdominal lift in perfect form. Unlike an ab crunching machine, wherein one works the abdominal muscles from top to bottom, the Ab coaster works them from bottom to top. The users need to lift their knees and legs while contracting the abs. So, when you use this machine, your knees are pressed against your chest in a natural crunching motion. For the starting position, the user needs to kneel on the seat, while resting the arms on the arm rests. The user must not lean forward or use excessive force while exercising. He/she needs to lift the seat along the curved track by contracting the abs, and not by using the strength of the torso or the arms. The whole purpose would be defeated, if one uses the momentum to lift the seat, instead of contracting the abs.

The machine gives the users the option of performing forward lifts, side lifts, and free-style motion. Those who wish to perform a more intense workout can add 20 pounds of resistance to the plate posts. However, the weights would have to be purchased separately.

Ab Coaster provides the same benefit that you would get by performing the hanging leg raise, which is an extremely effective exercise for working the abs. However, one needs a lot of upper body strength to support the body weight while performing a hanging leg raise. When you use this abs machine, you can rest your weight on the movable platform. Thus, you can work your abdomen with lesser effort, without putting stress on your neck, back, and shoulders.

Pros and Cons

The customer reviews make it quite evident that this ab workout machine is more effective than some of the other equipment available in the market. It gives you a complete abs workout, by targeting the upper/lower abs, as well as the obliques. Its adjustable seat allows forward lifts, side lifts, and free-style motion. Many users have stated that when they worked their abdominal muscles with the help of this machine, their abs felt strained. This feeling of fatigue or strain is a sign that they worked those muscles efficiently.

Though the models in the Ab Coaster infomercial make the motion on the arc seem to be quite fluid and easy, most users state that it is not that easy. You might take some time to get used to it. Proper form is integral to any exercise, whether it involves an equipment or not. If you are a novice, you must first learn to perform these three different motions correctly.

The biggest drawback of this machine is its price. It is priced at around USD 400. Surely, it is not wallet-friendly. If you are worried about the cost, you can opt for a 30-day trial offer, which will cost you USD 14.95. This machine comes with a one year warranty. Even if you are ready to shell out that much money for a single piece of equipment, you must understand that to be able to flaunt six pack abs, you need to first lose belly fat. Though your abdominal muscles might get strengthened by using this equipment, you will need a complete workout plan and a sensible diet to achieve your goal. So, if you think that you could get those fabulous abs just by using this equipment alone, you need to think again.

Surely as an ab machine, Ab Coaster has a unique design and many distinct features. If you maintain the proper form and follow the right technique, you can expect good results. Though this equipment will work your core, don't expect considerable fat loss. Using a fitness equipment alone will not help you achieve your fitness goal; you need to follow a healthy diet and exercise regimen. Though Ab Coaster customer reviews are somewhat better in comparison to a few ab machines that are available in the market, you can expect to find a few disgruntled consumers. So, it's up to the prospective buyer to decide whether he/she is willing to shell out USD 399 for this exercise equipment.