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Activities that Burn Calories

Activities that Burn Calories

Staying fit has always been important, but these days, it has become more important. Eating right is one option to stay fit, another is taking on activities that help use up calories. Check out what they are...
Komal Bakhru
Mundane lifestyles are common these days. For most people, life is all about work, and more work. So where is the time to keep fit? It seems about right that you cannot become a calorie storage unit, right? Given the monotony by which our lives are taken over, it is essential to find a way to get rid of all those unnecessary calories. But how does one do that? A great way to start is by indulging in everyday activity that burns calories. If you aren't too sure what this list would entail, how about you take a look at what's to follow, and maybe it'll help you decide. Most of them are easy ways to burn calories, so you need not worry.
Chart of Recommended Activities
Did you know that everything you do on a daily basis, whether talk, laugh, smile, or simply stand, you lose calories. Truth is, there are more activities than you'd realize, which contribute towards losing calories. More interestingly, did you also know that a person who weighs say 200 pounds is likely to burn more calories than someone who weighs 100 pounds. Interesting, isn't it? Either way, whatever your weight, here is a chart of some home exercises and training activities that you can turn to if you want to burn calories.
Activity (1 Hour) Calories Burned (130 lbs) Calories Burned (200 lbs)
Walking (Slow) 148 calories 228 calories
Walking (Brisk) 224 calories 346 calories
Swimming, laps 511 calories 651 calories
Hiking 354 calories 546 calories
Basketball game 472 calories 728 calories
Aerobics (Low impact) 295 calories 455 calories
Tai Chi 236 calories 364 calories
Water Skiing 354 calories 546 calories
Tennis (singles) 472 calories 728 calories
Football, touch, flag, general 472 calories 728 calories
Weightlifting (free weight) 177 calories 273 calories
Bowling 177 calories 273 calories
Horseback Riding 250 calories 384 calories
Water polo 624 calories 960 calories
Whitewater rafting 312 calories 480 calories

For those of you who aren't really into sport or any of the above mentioned activities, you need not worry. There's good news for you too... Even household chores are a great way to burn calories. To know how many calories you could burn by simply working around your house, check out the following list.
List of Household Activities
You'd be surprised to learn that some of the best ways to burn calories are in fact, those which are day-to-day household chores. Check out the calories you can burn while indulging in some of them.
Activity (1 Hour) Calories Burned (130 lbs) Calories Burned (200 lbs)
House cleaning 218 calories 336 calories
Raking lawn 250 calories 384 calories
Mowing lawn (hand push) 343 calories 528 calories
Mowing lawn (power push) 281 calories 432 calories
Gardening 281 calories 432 calories
Operating snow blower (walking) 281 calories 432 calories
Chopping wood 374 calories 576 calories

Not bad, eh? That definitely was a list of activities that could help, but I'm sure there are oodles of people who are often looking for activities that help use up calories fast. How about a glance at some such activities too?
Top 10 Calorie Burners
There may be a whole load of quick calorie burners, but there are some that simply work faster and better than a whole lot of others. Here are the ones that rule the roost amongst the quickies.
Activity (1 Hour) Calories Burned (130 lbs) Calories Burned (200 lbs)
Running (8mph) 797 calories 1,229 calories
Jogging (5mph) 499 calories 768 calories
Stair treadmill 530 calories 819 calories
Jumping Rope 590 calories 910 calories
Tae kwon do 590 calories 910 calories
Aerobics (high impact) 624 calories 960 calories
Skiing (cross-country) 499 calories 768 calories
Rollerblading 437 calories 672 calories
Backpacking 413 calories 637 calories
Racquetball (competitive) 624 calories 960 calories

That was an extensive list of some of the most convenient ways to burn calories. It doesn't matter which one works best for you, you'll enjoy great results one way or another. Know what you can also do... The next time you come across someone you dislike, smile, 'coz you'll burn calories! Pretty cool, I say!