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Choosing the Best Vibration Platform to Exercise

Choosing the Best Vibration Platform to Exercise
Manufacturers of vibration platforms claim that just 10 minutes of exercise on the vibration platform is equivalent to one hour of gym workout. So, if you want to buy this machine, then follow some of the tips given in this article, and derive maximum benefits from this whole body vibration machine.
Niharika Arya
Value for Money
You can get a decent portable vibration machine for around USD 300 to USD 1000, whereas a good oscillation machine will cost around USD 1500 to USD 2500.

A whole body vibration machine is one of the most effective fitness equipment in the market today, which provides benefit to the entire body. It not only helps in reducing weight, but also tones and strengthens the muscles by contracting and relaxing the muscles at a very fast rate. This improves the blood circulation, and also helps in relieving pain and other discomforts. But it is very important to choose the right vibration platform to derive maximum benefit. There are several brands in the market, which makes it difficult to choose the right equipment. So, here are few important tips that one should keep in mind while buying a vibration platform.
Vibration Platform Buying Guide
Available Space

The foremost thing to consider is the size of the vibration platform. It is basically used for various standing poses which exercise the entire body. But it can be used to perform many other exercises as well, like lunges, push ups, etc. Usually, these machines are fairly light, but if you weigh above 200 pounds, then you will need a larger heavier vibration machine, which is mostly used in gyms and fitness centers.


Generally, there are three types of vibration machines: Oscillating, Tri-planer, and Horizontal vibration machine.
  • Oscillating: These machines are considered the best in terms of efficiency and comfort, and are good for people who want to lose weight and tone their bodies.
  • Tri-planer: These machines vibrate vertically as well as horizontally. But the base or the platform remains stable. They are faster than oscillating machines, and hence, are best for people looking to gain muscle mass and tone their bodies.
  • Horizontal: The platform in these machines vibrates horizontally. These machines are not as popular as the other two.

Manufacturer Support and Training

It would be beneficial for a customer to undergo the training provided by the manufacturer. Many machines come with inbuilt training programs, and help in performing exercises correctly on the vibration plate. The training program involves simple exercises, posters, and videos, which can be easily followed by a beginner.


As this technology is effective, and subsequently getting popular, its prices are also rising. They can be a bit expensive in comparison to a treadmill, but their efficiency makes them worth the extra spend.


Do not compromise on the quality at all. Always ensure that the machine fulfills all your requirements and standards. Switch on the machine and check if it is making any sounds. You can even stand on the machine and check if it feels comfortable. Check for the warranty and safety features provided by the manufacturer. It would advisable to understand the functioning of the equipment before making a decision.

Consult your physician before using this new exercise equipment. Pregnant women, and people who have recently suffered bone injuries should avoid using this equipment.