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Does an Exercise Bike Help You Lose Weight?

Does an exercise bike help you lose weight? Yes, it does. But how many minutes a day should you workout on the bike? How fast? Find the answers in the following article...
Sheetal Mandora
Last Updated: Jan 13, 2018
Many people, in hopes of losing weight, try countless diets and weight loss programs. Now, I am not debating over the fact that these diets and programs work or not, but my question to you is, why not try the healthier option. There are various exercise equipment, such as an exercise bike that can help you lose weight and be in shape. However, some of you must be wondering, "Does an exercise bike help you lose weight"? And the answer is, YES. These bikes are designed in such a way that you can work on them and tone your body. But, it won't happen overnight and you certainly have to perform some intense workouts. So, to help those of you who are searching for answers on if an exercise bike can help them lose weight, we have put this article together. Read the article to find out what is it that is required to achieve the goal.
How Many Calories Does an Exercise Bike Burn
In order to know if an exercise bike can help you lose weight, we need to look at the total number of calories burned during the exercise. Of course, the type of exercise and your intensity level will determine how many calories you will burn in a certain amount of time. In addition, your current weight also plays a huge role in this, because there are times some individuals can't be consistent in their workouts. But, if you follow a healthy diet, get enough rest, and exercise on the bike on a regular basis, you can lose weight. Let's see the following table and find out approximately how many calories you will burn while on an exercise bike.
Moderate Workout
Weight (lb) Total Time (mins)
15 30 45 60
120 84 168 252 336
140 105 210 315 420
160 126 252 378 504
180 147 294 441 588
200 168 336 504 672

Vigorous Workout
Weight (lb) Total Time (mins)
15 30 45 60
120 126 252 378 504
140 158 315 472 630
160 189 378 567 756
180 220 441 662 882
200 252 504 756 1008

Even though the table shows the approximate number of calories which can be burned in a particular time frame, you need to remember that there are various exercise bikes to work on. Also, these calories burned using an exercise bike will change depending on where you are working out as well. Now, let's say you are choosing to exercise at home and are on a moderate to low pace, then the calorie count will be low. On the other hand, if you are going to the gym and working under a trainer or let's say you joined a spin class, then of course, you can expect to burn more calories in a shorter amount of time. So, these factors have to be taken into consideration.
What Muscles Does an Exercise Bike Work on?
When we workout, our body uses specific muscles to help with the process. So, why should an exercise bike be any different. To answer our question, we also have to look at the muscles which are being worked on by an exercise bike. As this exercise equipment is one of the most popular machines to get the right cardiovascular workout, the first and obvious muscle it works is the heart. Apart from the heart, it targets the biggest muscles on the legs, quadriceps. Other muscles that reap the benefits of working on an exercise bike are glutes, hamstrings, anterior tibialis, calves, hip flexors, abdominal, and back muscles. With all these muscles playing a huge role in helping you lose weight, no wonder an exercise bike is so beneficial. But, don't just think that this should be enough because your job doesn't end here. You need to be aware of what and how you can lose weight effectively. To learn about this in detail, keep reading.
Things to Do to Lose Weight
Just by exercising on the bike, you cannot expect to lose a considerable amount of weight. There are other factors that need to be put into action so that you can achieve your target weight loss goal. Majority of individuals find it difficult to control their weight even if they don't eat junk food or unhealthy food often. Many times, stress can be the reason behind not being able to lose weight as well. Which is why, you need to implement certain changes into your life. And here they are.
  1. First and foremost, you have to weigh yourself and log it in a diary. You can do this every morning and follow it over a period of one or two months.
  2. Plan what you eat. Instead of slogging on the exercise bike or other exercise equipment, cut down the daily calorie intake by 500 calories. This way, you will have lesser calories to burn.
  3. Eat smart. You know that eating vegetables and fruits is much more healthier and beneficial for you than a cheese burger or pizza. So, try to balance this into your life. Occasionally eating your favorite foods won't harm you, but it is necessary to follow a regular, healthy diet.
  4. For those hunger pangs in middle of the nights or daytime, opt for a healthy snack like fruits, plain yogurt, dried fruits, or low-calorie smoothies. This way, you will satisfy your hunger and still won't gain extra weight.
  5. Get adequate rest. You need to sleep well and try to take as little stress as possible. In the long run, you will find that you have more energy, are happier than usual, and are enthusiastic about working out. When we are not frustrated and/or stressed out, we can pay more attention to other things.
  6. Drink lots and lots of water. It is recommended to drink at least eight to ten 8 oz. of water every day. Water helps remove toxins from our body and keep us hydrated.
The article focused on giving you helpful information on how an exercise bike can aid in losing weight. Follow the recommendations given to you in this article. Also, for better weight loss results, don't forget to consult your doctor and a professional fitness coach.