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A Beginner's Guide to Gym Equipment Names and Terminology

Gym Equipment Names
If your gym instructor tells you to do 10 reps on 'Smith Machine', what do you do? You ask your instructor or other people what machine it that. Right? Well, here are names of gym equipment to help you access your gym better.
Kundan Pandey
Last Updated: Feb 20, 2018
There are many fitness equipment in a gym, some you are familiar with and some you are not. Getting to know about these equipment names and their functions can help optimize your workout. Utilizing various machines will help you cross-train better, which will keep your workout interesting.
Cross Trainer
Cross Trainer
Cross trainers are one of the simplest exercising equipment that are a low impact way, to tone the upper body as well as the legs at the same time. The muscles in the area near the stomach are flexed with gentle twisting movements. Cross trainers are an excellent exercise for losing weight and they also build flexibility and impart the benefits of aerobic exercises.
People In a Gyum Running on a Treadmill
Treadmills are a favorite exercising equipment of most gym lovers as they are easy to use. Many people who wish to lose weight can take the help of a treadmill. Treadmills are usually meant for walking, jogging and running.
Exercise Bikes
Exercise Bike
Exercise bikes were very popular before the high tech exercising equipment came into existence. Besides strengthening the legs, knees and thigh muscles, exercise bikes can be used for increasing stamina.
Smith Machine
Smith Machine
Smith machine is a piece of exercising equipment that is used in weight training and it consists of barbells that are used in weightlifting, weight training and power lifting. The barbell is fixed within vertical steel rails, allowing only vertical movement. Weight rack is also present in Smith's machine and that helps to stabilize the machine.
Leg Press
Leg Press at gym
Leg press machines give strength and power to the legs. Basically, there are two types of leg presses, horizontal leg press and 45 degree leg press. The second type of leg press machine has a seat on which the body reclines and the leg is raised at an angle. The leg is pressed towards the platform that is provided to put the force on the leg and the back.
Gym Equipment for Abs
Having well toned six pack abs is a wish of many gym lovers and the most important gym equipment that can help you in getting those strong abdominal muscles, are ab wheels, flexaball and the rowing machine.
Ab Wheels
Woman Working out on Ab Wheels
Ab wheels are an important and effective exercising equipment, popular for toning abs. Besides toning abs, ab wheels help in strengthening the abdominal muscles. The ab wheels contain a wheel centered between a rod and by using either the legs or hands the exerciser can roll down the abdominal surface and exercise the abs and abdomen.
woman exercising on a Flexaball
Flexaball is a very inexpensive exercise equipment that is found in most homes. It is useful in exercising the abs, butt and legs. The air in the flexaball can be adjusted with the help of hand pumps and this exercise can easily be practiced in the comfort of your home.
Rowing Machine
Rowing Machine
Rowing machines are basically used for a complete workout and it is suitable for people of all ages irrespective of the age (except children). The rowing machines just stimulate the action of rowing on land. This exercise machine usually costs nearly $400 or more.
Surely, this is not an exhaustive list of all equipment names. Also, there is no fixed nomenclature for gym equipment. Most of the names have been derived from the way the equipment are used. Some very basic equipment like jump ropes and exercise balls are very common even in our home gyms. They are used for a variety of purposes right from warming up to acting as support exercises in weight training workouts. Some other equipment like pull-up and pull-down weight machines are also very popular to build pectoral muscles.
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