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Ideal Body Measurements for Women: What You Need to Know

Ideal Body Measurements for Women
A female body can be placed in a range of body measurements and shapes. It is hard to standardize a perfect female body according to a particular shape or body measurement. However, considering the popularity of specific body shapes in different parts of the world, 36"-24"-36" are the ideal body measurements for women.
Kalpana Kumari
Last Updated: Mar 26, 2018
Human beings have an inherent attitude to see symmetry in all objects. They apply this outlook to interpret the female body as well. A female body signifies aesthetic pleasure, sexual attraction, fertility and reproduction. Because of this, the female body has attracted attention and focus in almost all cultures and civilizations of the world. Though, every culture has its own definition of a perfect female body.
The ideal body measurements for women differ from place to place. In South-East Asian countries, a voluminous and curvaceous body is considered beautiful. While in the western countries, a skinny and bony figure is regarded as a sign of perfection. You cannot deny the fact that no two females can have exactly the same body measurements and every individual considers a particular body structure to be beautiful. However, there has to be some female body shapes and body measurements that can be adopted as a standard to define the perfect body measurements for women.
Perfect Female Body Measurements
Women models of different ages, ethnicity, and body shape
Every woman is born with a particular body type, shape, and hence a peculiar measurement. Some are small and bulky, still they look pretty. Others are medium in height and petite, yet they look gorgeous. There are those who are tall and skinny but are perceived beautiful by many. All such women are liked by one or the other. Therefore, it is actually difficult to give accurate measurements of an ideal female body. According to many fashion and beauty experts and body measurement charts available in various health and fitness websites and journals, women with a 36 inch broad bust, 24 inch broad waist and 36 inch broad hips look gorgeous in almost every outfit. Thus, you can take 36"-24"-36" as the ideal body measurement for women.
Different Female Body Types
A female body is classified in mainly four body shapes. These are banana, pear, apple and hourglass shapes. A brief description of each type is given here.
Banana Shape
Banana shape body
The width of the waist is less than that of the bust and hips. It is generally less than 9 inches. In such a type of body shape, fat is distributed predominantly in the abdomen, chest, buttocks and face. Females with such a body shape have higher levels of androgen than estrogen. This causes the skeleton to grow in a masculine pattern.
Pear Shape
Pear shape body
The width of the hip is greater than that of the bust. The distribution of fat is more on the buttocks, thighs, and hips. As the body fat distribution increases, it is deposited on the upper body parts, including the abdomen.
Apple Shape
Apple shape body
Females with an apple shaped bodies have bust and shoulder measurements greater than the measurement of the hips. They have the highest level of androgen as compared to females with any other body shape, which causes their body to develop in a masculine pattern.
Hourglass Shape
Hourglass shape body
In the hourglass body shape, the width of the bust is almost similar to that of the hips and has a narrow waist. This is the shape with the highest symmetry. Majority of cultures consider the hourglass body shape to be the perfect female body shape.
The truth is, hardly 5% percent of women have the aforementioned perfect body measurements. Most of the women only struggle to achieve perfection in their body size and shape through their entire life. But who says a woman with 32"- 34"- 36" body measurement does not look beautiful. In fact, she might be the prettiest and noblest woman in the world. Beauty is all about feeling beautiful. No matter what's your body measurement or shape. The way you carry yourself is more important. Determining an ideal body measurement for women is not wrong, but do not waste your life thinking that you are not among the gifted ladies with a perfect female body. Think you are beautiful and you will be!