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Scents that Boost Weight Loss

Scents that Boost Weight Loss

Sniffing green apples can actually help you shed those extra kilos much faster. There's more. It's not just green apples, but a variety of other scents that aid the process of weight loss. Don't believe me? Read this FitnessVigil article to find out how.
Shweta Ajwani
Did You Know?
Of the five senses, the sense of smell is the first to develop. It develops and starts functioning even before we are born.

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Tried and tested all the above different types of diets, but still the weighing scale doesn't budge? Has it been stuck on the same numbers for a long, long time? May be a 'Scent Diet' is just what you need. You heard it - a 'scent diet' is one in which the scents of certain foods and vegetables boost weight loss, and help you shed those extra kilos off your body. An aromatherapy technique, the scent diet is a way of tricking the human mind to think that it is full with less intake of food.
There is a scientific explanation to this diet. As explained by Dr. Hirsch from Chicago, "Odors have a direct effect on the satiety center in the brain, which is the area that tells your body when you've had enough to eat". Specific fragrances, like those of green apples, peppermint, garlic , lavender, and bananas trick the brain into thinking that the satiety level has been reached, and indicate that you have had enough, when actually, you've had just less than enough.
Find out how different scents affect different parts of the brain that indirectly aid the process of weight loss, and give quicker results when you are trying to get rid of the extra fat.
Green Apples
Hunger strikes. There's no way to stop it. However, you can bring down your appetite, which will reduce the impact of hunger pangs, and prevent you from binge eating. What to do, you ask? Sniff green apples just minutes before you are about to have your meal. Scientific studies have proven that overweight people who sniffed green apples while trying to lose weight, exhibited better results than those who did not sniff green apples.
This pretty-looking citrus fruit is not only rich in vitamin C (which beautifies your skin and strengthens your immune system), it also helps in quicker weight loss. Sniffing a fresh, pink grapefruit just before you dig into your meal will not only curb your appetite, it will also boost weight loss. A scientific study conducted on rats at Osaka University in Japan revealed that exposing them to grapefruit scent decreased their appetite for food, and pulled down their weight considerably.
The proper way to lose weight is striking the perfect balance between your diet plan and your workout regime. The physical exertion of the body is as important as your food intake. The scent of peppermint will help ramp up your workout, which will ultimately lead to better results. Research shows that a quick whiff of these fresh green leaves (or mint in any other form), lifts your mood, revives your energy levels, and reboots your attention span and alertness - factors needed to enjoy a good workout.
According to a study, people who slept eight hours a day experienced better results at weight loss than those who didn't get enough sleep. A sound sleep is essential to maintain the body's balance and state of mind. The fragrance of lavender flowers and blossoms relaxes the mind, and soothes the tensed body. Lavender is an adaptogen, which not only helps the body and mind to adapt to stress levels and imbalances, but also cleanses the body and soul beautifully. A bouquet of fresh lavender in your bedroom, or a hint of lavender spray will put you into a deep sleep, readying you for a driven workout the next morning.
A palate cleanser, a delicious and crunchy salad food, and now an appetite suppressant too. Fennel is all this and more. Research at the West Coast Institute of Aromatherapy showed that smelling fennel stalks just before a meal curbed appetite. The scent of fennel stalks tricks the mind and suppresses the appetite, leading you to eat lesser than you otherwise would.
The fragrance of bananas is another scent that aids weight loss and quickens the process. It acts like an appetite suppressant, making you feel fuller, and thus you eat less. According to research conducted at the Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation in Chicago, a certain number of women exposed to the scent of bananas lost up to 17 pounds or more every month.
The strong, pungent smell of foods, like garlic and onions, make you eat smaller bites of food. The smaller the bite, the lesser the quantity of food you are likely to eat. Spicy food that is fragrant with the smell of garlic makes you eat smaller morsels and less food. These smells trick you into thinking that you're full, when you are actually not. This prevents you from overeating, which is essential when you are trying to lose weight.
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
An extreme favorite amongst top chefs, dietitians, weight-conscious people, and homemakers alike, when it comes to cooking, extra virgin olive oil is a rich source of MUFA (Monounsaturated Fatty Acid), that helps in breaking down belly fat - an easy way out to lose those extra pounds. But even the fragrance itself makes a person feel like he has had enough food, when in reality he has not. The scent of extra virgin olive oil curbs the appetite to a great extent, making the person eat lesser than necessary. According to a study at the German Research Center for Food Chemistry, people who sniffed extra virgin olive oil were found with elevated levels of serotonin (a hormone linked to satiety) in their body.
It is obvious that it is not possible to lose weight only by following a scent diet. It is important to follow a proper diet and maintain an exercise regime to effectively pull down your weight. The scent of the above-mentioned items only just hasten and aid the process.