71 Weight Loss Tips

There are many ways to lose weight, one can either follow fad diets and starve oneself, which causes many health problems; or follow some healthy habits and lose weight in a safe manner. Mentioned in this article are 71 weight loss tips for a healthy and easy weight loss.
FitnessVigil Staff
A weight loss plan should be well-balanced with proper exercise and diet. It is important that you concentrate on both, your food intake and the amount of calories you are burning during the program.

71 Tips for Weight Loss
  1. First of all find out your healthy weight according to your height.
  2. After you figure out your healthy height-weight ratio, target a period of 3 - 6 months for achieving the weight loss goal.
  3. It is important that you aim at a slow and steady, but healthy weight loss.
  4. If you are a beginner to exercising, then consider joining a gym and hiring a personal trainer.
  5. If you wish to lose weight without joining a gym, then perform exercises at home and follow these tips.
  6. Mark this goal on the calendar.
  7. Now get a diary to note down the amount of calories you consume and your food intake everyday.
  8. Schedule a workout routine on a weekly basis.
  9. Set alarm for the workout times and meal times.
  10. Using a measure tape, note down the measurements of your different body parts in inches, like hips, thighs, arms, chest, wrist, calves, etc. Make a note of the body part measurements in your diary.
  11. Make sure you burn more calories everyday, than the amount of calories you are consuming.
  12. When working out, always wear comfortable but properly-fitting clothes.
  13. To avoid any injuries, comfortable shoes are a must when exercising.
  14. Always start your workout with a warm-up session of 10 minutes, which can be mild jogging.
  15. Then start a cardio session which lasts for around 30 - 45 minutes.
  16. On alternate days follow weight training exercises for individual body parts like abs, shoulders, chest, lower body, etc.
  17. Pay special attention to body areas where you have extra fat. Perform more vigorous exercises of such body areas.
  18. Carry a water bottle and hand towel with you whenever working out.
  19. Concentrate on workouts which help to burn calories fast. Some of the best cardio exercises are running, skipping with a jump rope, and swimming.
  20. Do not check your weight every day but do so every weekend.
  21. Go for exercising regularly and do not form a habit of skipping the workout.
  22. The body needs rest so do not exercise on Sundays.
  23. After every month of following the workout routine, again measure your body parts to check how many inches you have lost from different body parts.
  24. Modify your workout schedule and shift to slightly harder strength training exercises after every month.
  25. If you have not lost weight from a certain body area, add more exercises of that particular muscle group. For example, if you don't lose fat from your calves then perform more repetitions of calf raises with added amount of weights.
  26. Stretching is important for improving the flexibility of the muscles. After exercising it is important that you stretch the body muscle group which you worked out.
  27. After your workout lie down on the floor for 10 minutes to let the body cool off.
  28. Avoid taking the elevator, rather use the stairs.
  29. At your workplace keep stretching your body.
  30. Play music when working out to make your workout fun.
  31. The aim of the program should be a healthy weight loss, so don't starve yourself to prevent any nutrition deficiencies.
  32. Go for enema or colon cleanse, if you have constipation-related problems.
  33. Always follow a balanced diet.
  34. Include a lot of fruits in your diet.
  35. Include a lot of raw vegetables (salads) in your diet.
  36. Include a lot of fiber-rich foods in your diet, as they help remove fat from the body.
  37. Drink plenty of water throughout the day; at least 2 - 3 liters of water on a daily basis.
  38. Always eat your breakfast, never skip it.
  39. Start your breakfast with fruits, fruit juices without any added sugar, steamed vegetables, or cereals.
  40. Eat a normal meal without any fried food during lunch and dinner time.
  41. In the evening have a bowl full of fruits with yogurt.
  42. Always eat a small bowl of fruit (or mixed fruits if you like), a small bowl of salad and then your meal.
  43. Eating fruits and salad before your meal provide enzymes to the body which helps to absorb the nutrients in the meal.
  44. Avoid eating junk foods.
  45. Get rid of any junk foods in your kitchen, and always store healthy foods in your kitchen.
  46. Avoid eating any processed foods.
  47. Avoid drinking any sugary sodas.
  48. Avoid eating too many desserts.
  49. Avoid eating red meat.
  50. Avoid drinking tea or coffee.
  51. If you wish to eat non-veg, then opt for fish, as it is low in calorie and high in nutrition.
  52. Fish should either be grilled or steamed, but not fried.
  53. Once or twice in a month you can eat some junk food or a meal of your choice.
  54. If you are full, then it is not necessary to finish everything on your plate.
  55. It is a myth that after quitting gyming or swimming a person gains weight.
  56. This is not so, a person will gain weight if he/she has a slow metabolism or is eating more food than the daily requirement.
  57. So, even after the program you can maintain your body shape by having a good metabolism.
  58. Metabolism boosters will also help during the program to shed off the calories faster. Here are some tips to speed-up your metabolism.
  59. Never starve yourself, as it will slow down your metabolism.
  60. In the morning have cold water mixed with 1 tablespoon of lemon juice. The cold water will heat up the body by burning calories and lemon will clean your body from the inside.
  61. Keep drinking 2 - 3 cups of green tea everyday. Green tea has many health benefits, but one of the important ones is that it helps in weight loss and boosts metabolism.
  62. Vitamin B is a great metabolism booster, so you can take the supplements or eat vitamin B rich foods like eggs, spinach, beans, etc.
  63. Include grapefruit in your diet, as it is fiber rich and a great metabolism boosting fruit.
  64. Fortified soy milk is also another great metabolism booster, but avoid the sweetened variety.
  65. Eat nuts as snacks, as they boost metabolism.
  66. If you are allergic to certain above mentioned foodstuffs then avoid eating them.
  67. If you find some foodstuffs which are helping better than other to speed up your metabolism, then consume them more.
  68. If you get bored with your workout routine, then go for some fun dance routines to lose weight like salsa dancing or aerobics.
  69. Stress is a reason for failed weight loss and to reduce stress go for a body massage every week.
  70. Keep updating yourself with new healthy ways of losing weight.
  71. Honestly, stick to the program by observing regular exercising and a balanced diet.
These were the various effective tips for losing weight, which will help in a healthy-happy weight loss. So keep in mind the above tips and achieve a healthy weight.